Sell NHS brand abroad.

The government is said to be encouraging hospitals up and down the country to sell their services abroad for profit. 'NHS' branded clinics could be set up in other countries in order to increase revenue for the British NHS.

The Department of Health and UK Trade and Investment department has put together the plan and gained criticism from the Patients Association, they say establishing overseas clinics would be a 'distraction' and may negatively effect standards here at home.

However tbg. thinks it's an idea that is already long in the tooth and just needs expanding (much). It seems to be a viable option that will change the NHS from its current state of reliability on the already punitive tax-rates which is unsustainable, to a sustainable world-class heath care service. Clinics already exist abroad that are run by NHS trusts with a reputation around the world, these include Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street hospital in the Middle East.

The government thinks there could be lucrative possibilities for NHS-standard healthcare services in growing markets such as India and China.