Sarah-Jane needs you.

Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell has released a survey for CF members to complete. It has been designed to find out views of members and their experience at Conservative Future.

It's nice too see the one and only CF Deputy Chair' S-J Sewell ignoring calls from certain publications to end 'Anonymous' comments in CF and sticking to principles of liberty and democracy.

Sarah told tbg. "This is the perfect opportunity to have your say. Obviously this survey is a good thing, giving members a chance to air their opinions with the option of signing their name or remaining anonymous. It's a chance for members to be completely brutally honest with constructive criticism".

Sarah continued: "This is not an ideological or geographical war or a war of careerism and egos, this is Conservative Future, we need to pull together, and help each other, so that we can actually win a majority in 2015. Conservative Future has so many different individuals which is what makes us totally unique and special."

The survey is to help the Deputy Chair' to pin point areas where additional support is needed, and also to highlight exactly why Conservative Future is important and enjoyable.

Take the survey.