Pye not wanted.

Tory Police Commissioner candidate for Peterborough, John Pye, has dramatically stood down due to internal struggles with Peterborough Conservatives.

"I have taken the decision to step down to avoid further disruption to the local Party. My values are Conservative but I am not a politician. I believe firmly that the governance of policing must be impartial and non-political", Mr Pye told a local reporter.

It would seem to tbg. that certain Tory members have been pressurising Mr Pye to attack other parties rather than concentrate on getting his own message across. A message which he has actually struggled to get across being a Conservative candidate.

Pye said: "I also do not consider that I could convince the public of my impartial stance if I was a member of a political party – and that has been borne out in many of my conversations with local people."

So the tough days are back for Tory activists - Ironically, that is when Tories campaign at their best.