Modest Boris.

In an act of humility and wise foresight Boris Johnson says his popularity will "all come crashing down" after the Olympics.

A YouGov poll for The Sun today found that 36 per cent of people thought That Boris was suited to be Prime Minister which is up from 24% in May. The Mayor said that "adulation is fine" yet he brushed aside polls which put him as favourite to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader.

Boris has invited Rupert Murdoch as his guest to the Olympics and has come under media scrutiny as Boris is responsible for the Metropolitan Police, which is investigating phone hacking at Murdochs' newspaper companies.

The Mayor said: "We’ve got to stop demonising people. As far as I understand the matter, Rupert Murdoch is not under any criminal investigation he. He has done more to sponsor sport in London and indeed in the country than almost anybody else I can think of."