Leaked email proves Lib-Dems will block boundary changes.

This is the e mail that proves the Lib Dems are going to block boundary changes at the next election after all at whatever cost. It was sent to Lib Dem Party Members on 10th August 2012 at 00:33


Subject: Parliamentary boundary changes

Dear colleague

I am sending this formal notice to all our Approved Candidates in London as requested by Margaret Joachim as Chair of the English Candidates Committee (ECC) following the senior Party Officers and FE conference call with the Chief Whip, Alistair Carmichael. The same message is being circulated by Candidates Chairs to all the Approved Candidates in their Region.

"Following the announcement by Nick Clegg on Monday regarding House of Lords reform, it has been decided that the selections for Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidates for Westminster in this electoral cycle should go ahead along current (2010 GE) constituency boundaries.

The Liberal Democrats in Government will be opposing any proposed boundary changes for the 2015 General Election, as a direct response to the Conservative backbench opposition to Lords Reform. It is therefore very unlikely that the planned boundary changes will be able to go ahead for this electoral cycle, and Westminster Selections will proceed on this basis."

We will therefore commence the new cycle of Westminster Selections this Autumn under the new selection rules. The key change is that we will now operate two tiers of selection. The first is the full selection for priority seats and the second is a fast, slim line selection for development seats. But while priority seats are obliged to have a full selection process, development seats have the discretion to opt for the full process if they so wish. As always, the advert for each selection will appear in Liberal Democrat News and also be communicated on the Party's internet via the usual channels. Please therefore look out for the selections when each one is advertised.

I hope that most of you will put yourself forward for seats as they become available. I and the other members of the London Candidates Committee will be available for advice and guidance and I look forward to speaking to many of you over the next few months.

Best Wishes


The PM is sticking to his guns and putting the boundaries to a vote. But with the nationalist smaller parties likely to join the Libs and Labour, the new seats look doomed.

I wonder how long it will take CCHQ to send out a similar missive after the Commons vote ends in defeat?

So much for all in it together!