Israel prepare to strike Iran.

Obama could be set for a massive election headache and the government in Syria may not be able to rely on donated Iranian weapons much longer as panic sets in, in Tehran.

Israel says Iran is extremely close to having a nuclear weapon. This is obviously seen as a grave threat by Israelis as the 'leader' of Iran has said he'd wipe them off the map. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister, Ehud Barak have threatened Iran with military action, an act which would be sure to destabilise the entire Middle East into a very dangerous state.

New gas mask distribution centers have opened, a nationwide missile alert system has been tested and an Iranian official this week warned of hundreds of casualties if Israel unilaterally strikes Iran. Many Iranians now believe the strike will occur sooner rather than later while the US is busy fighting itself in a general election.

It is reported that the Israeli governments' unilateral stance isn't too popular among its own people.

"I'm very afraid. I want peace, not war. I absolutely don't want Israel to strike Iran" said Israeli Pnina Grinbaum, in Jerusalem.