Ineligible Alastair Wilson.

According to London Spin a 31 year old hot shot businessman wants to run for Conservative Future chairman. His name is Alastair Wilson and he is pictured above on the right, like you didn't already know - is that a missing tooth?

The over-age "young" tory had a good write up at London Spin. The newspaper said "Alastair Wilson, who has a broad array of links across the movement’s grassroots support base" - Alastair only has 120 Facebook friends and can't be found on Twitter by tbg..

Spin continued: "Wilson told this newspaper that he was running on a platform for growth and prosperity for the movement and would deliver cross-branch unity under one democratic structure. Mr Wilson is certainly a force to be reckoned with and has an intricate knowledge of how Westminster operates."

tbg. thinks not.