Conservative Future - Is It Personal?

The Conservative Party has always relied on its voluntary wing to help win elections and spread the Conservative message. Volunteers from all ages and backgrounds gather on campaign days to fight against incompetent Parties and to ensure that local constituents are represented by the right people. Over the years this has provided the Party members with an opportunity to get to know each other and form a political family. A family formed by passionate individuals who work under an organised structure.

The organised structure consists of regular members who are the backbone of the organisation and executive members. The executive, whether in the senior party or the youth wing (Conservative Future) are responsible to make sure that activists are united and motivated at all times. However it is important to remember that taking up these positions should not be solely based on maximising personal gain. The primary objective should be to serve the Party we love, and perhaps in return use the experience later in life.

Although there are always a few who do not share the same views as me, in particular a minority in the youth wing. As we all know the Conservative Future national elections will not take place until early next year, but backstabbing and dirty attacks have already begun by that minority. These childish behaviour are absolutely unnecessary as we get closer to the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I personally urge all Conservative Future members to fully focus on campaigning. After all, the majority prefer an active candidate who is passionate about the Party to an apathetic, self-absorbed and fundamentally lazy candidate.

Over the last few months, I have heard a lot of complaints from regular members about a couple of senior CF members not delivering despite their juicy promises before the last CF election. And every time I tell them that they should not worry about a few disappointing activists as in time they will be punished by the ruthless world of politics itself.

Fortunately we are lucky to have a lot of enthusiastic individuals in our organisation who are working towards a mutual goal. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all those hardworking CF'ers up and down the country who have contributed to our Party over the last few years.

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Mahyar Tousi