Nick Clegg had more EGG on his face last night after it was exposed that Lib Dem Treasury Spokeswoman Baroness Kramer only found out about her boss' wealth tax idea in a national newspaper.

Clegg's latest tax raid idea has enraged many in the Conservative Party. One source said that it had "no chance" of becoming policy,

Treasury Minister Chris Leslie accused Clegg of "Taking the British people for fools."

And Northants MP Brian Binley has accused David Cameron of behaving like a "chambermaid" to the Lib Dems.

Just another day in the life of a coalition government I suppose!

Nick Clegg deserves all the stick he gets as regards his plans to tax the rich even more.

The fact of the matter is that it is these entrepreneurs who are the bedrock of the British economy especially in tough times.

Driving these people abroad would do ourselves no favours at all.

What we need to do is cut down on tax avoidance that goes on and make sure that everyone pays their fair share.