CF Social Action in Chesham.

Conservative Future activists from Beaconsfield, Chesham and Amersham Conservative Future (BCACF), this past Saturday, cleaned up Cheshams' streets from its perilous six foot nettles.

Chairman of BCACF Leon Man from Burnham, said: "It was a pleasure to volunteer our time to help the local community. I hope people notice a difference. Because social action is such an integral part of what we do we plan to come out again with even more volunteers to help the communities in Amersham and Beaconsfield."

Local Counsillor Pete Hudson said: "I'm very grateful to the Conservative Future volunteers who gave up their free time to help the local community. With so many negative stories about young people it's good to see what a positive difference they can and do make."

According to a local newsfeed 6 BCACF members filled over 14 sacks of nettles, vegetation and rubbish including bottles, cans and household waste.

While activists work hard on Britains streets it has been speculated that wishful CF chairman candidate, Alastair Wilson, was drinking and dining doners at a "posh" pub in London this week. Wilson should take more notice of what CF do on the ground before he meets with any donors wising them with his "Intricate knowledge of how Westminster" works. Is that even what Conservative Future needs?