Academy sends back "unfair" GCSE results.

GCSE results are out today. The Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough says it has sent back its English GCSE examination papers and labelled the marking system, "unfair".

Head of the Academy Dr Alan McMurdo says: "It cannot be right that a child got a C last year with 16 less marks than a child needs this year. That is simply unfair to students."

Another secondary school in Peterborough, St John Fisher Catholic School, has also complained that its pupils' marks have also been degraded by the new system.

Sean Hayes is headteacher at the Catholic school, he told a local journalist that usually accurate grade predictions told them to expect a "68% pass rate for English but it was about 55%".

Mr Hayes said: "We are looking at appealing a number of individual results where they are borderline... What I worry about is when the predictions were needed to get in to somewhere, like college. If students don’t get the grades they need it can change the whole situation for them.".