New faith school won't encourage gay 'nonsense'.

A meeting with governor Joyce Sanderson and Father Chris Findlay, priest at the church associated with the new free faith school in Cornwall, has resulted in the grandfather of a student asking some rather uncomfortable questions.

The grandfather had concern that - "The whole population is taught that homosexuality is fine and children should accept they can have two mums or dads but they should not be taught that nonsense. It is not right... The morals of this country should not be dragged down.".

Governor Sanderson said that - "Gays would be welcome to this school, but we would not encourage it. We lay down what you should try to follow but how people follow it is their business."

Locally supporters argue there's a need for St Michael's Catholic free school as a place to teach moral values.

Pye not wanted.

Tory Police Commissioner candidate for Peterborough, John Pye, has dramatically stood down due to internal struggles with Peterborough Conservatives.

"I have taken the decision to step down to avoid further disruption to the local Party. My values are Conservative but I am not a politician. I believe firmly that the governance of policing must be impartial and non-political", Mr Pye told a local reporter.

It would seem to tbg. that certain Tory members have been pressurising Mr Pye to attack other parties rather than concentrate on getting his own message across. A message which he has actually struggled to get across being a Conservative candidate.

Pye said: "I also do not consider that I could convince the public of my impartial stance if I was a member of a political party – and that has been borne out in many of my conversations with local people."

So the tough days are back for Tory activists - Ironically, that is when Tories campaign at their best.

Paddy to the rescue.

Lots of mutterings about Nick Clegg again this morning.

Latest is that Vince Cable and Ed Davey are the one's ready for a Leadership Contest if Nick falls on his sword.

Such is the intensity of the speculation as regards Cleggers that Lord Ashdown was last night rushed out to defend him.

Sounds a bit desperate.

+UPDATE: 11.26 AM+

Cleggers has just won the gong of Pin Head of The Month at The Taxpayers Alliance.

Lib-Dems at war.

Cleggers seems to be in the wars with his own party again tonight.

This time its Lord Oakeshott calling the shots by saying Clegg can't be the one to lead the party in 2015.

Cleggers hit back by saying that there will always be those who will make endless comments about those who lead and take decisions.

CCHQ block CF legislation.

Conservative Future ruling powers seem to be having their legislation and campaigns blocked or delayed when they reach the desks at CCHQ.

A particular campaign had apparently been submitted to CCHQ in April only for its to be swallowed up by the vast amounts of red tape & bureaucrats (or laziness?).

The campaign, important to the future of CF, has now been delayed until next year says a tbg. inside source.

One CF'er told tbg. - "CCHQ need to get their arse in gear. How can executive members implement their policies with such a lackluster Campaign HQ."


Nick Clegg had more EGG on his face last night after it was exposed that Lib Dem Treasury Spokeswoman Baroness Kramer only found out about her boss' wealth tax idea in a national newspaper.

Clegg's latest tax raid idea has enraged many in the Conservative Party. One source said that it had "no chance" of becoming policy,

Treasury Minister Chris Leslie accused Clegg of "Taking the British people for fools."

And Northants MP Brian Binley has accused David Cameron of behaving like a "chambermaid" to the Lib Dems.

Just another day in the life of a coalition government I suppose!

Nick Clegg deserves all the stick he gets as regards his plans to tax the rich even more.

The fact of the matter is that it is these entrepreneurs who are the bedrock of the British economy especially in tough times.

Driving these people abroad would do ourselves no favours at all.

What we need to do is cut down on tax avoidance that goes on and make sure that everyone pays their fair share.

Sarah-Jane needs you.

Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell has released a survey for CF members to complete. It has been designed to find out views of members and their experience at Conservative Future.

It's nice too see the one and only CF Deputy Chair' S-J Sewell ignoring calls from certain publications to end 'Anonymous' comments in CF and sticking to principles of liberty and democracy.

Sarah told tbg. "This is the perfect opportunity to have your say. Obviously this survey is a good thing, giving members a chance to air their opinions with the option of signing their name or remaining anonymous. It's a chance for members to be completely brutally honest with constructive criticism".

Sarah continued: "This is not an ideological or geographical war or a war of careerism and egos, this is Conservative Future, we need to pull together, and help each other, so that we can actually win a majority in 2015. Conservative Future has so many different individuals which is what makes us totally unique and special."

The survey is to help the Deputy Chair' to pin point areas where additional support is needed, and also to highlight exactly why Conservative Future is important and enjoyable.

Take the survey.

Clegg wealth tax condemned as dead end.

The Taxpayers Alliance today condemned Cleggers wealth tax idea revealed on tbg. last night as a "dead end".

Chief Executive Matthew Sinclair told tbg. that, "Dennis Healey tried the same thing in the 1970s", and argued that, "it would be a practical nightmare and a huge danger to the already struggling economy."

Sinclair is calling for reform to simplify the current tax system so as to fill loopholes and make sure everyone pays their fair share instead.

Rich union chief defends rented Council house.

Trade union leader Bob Crow has sensationally defended living in a Council house even though he earns over £133,138 a year.

Crow responded to LBC presenters questions about living in his rented accommodation at the expense of the taxpayer by saying, he didn't want to leave his friends and move away from the area. Crow alluded that social housing shouldn't just be for poor people! tbg. is obviously very confused at Crows response as surely that is exactly who social housing is for - It is for those whom can't afford to buy or rent privately.

It is quite shameful that a man on £133,138 a year plus expenses should be taking up social housing space and preventing those that really need it from moving up the very long list.

Listen to Bob Crow when asked about his rented Council accommodation.

New Poll.

Today's YouGov opinion poll has Labour 12 points ahead of the Tories.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 32%
Lib Dems 10%
UKIP 8%.

Lib-Dems want to tax us even more.

Interesting interview with Cleggers in Wednesday's Guardian.

He's calling for the coalition to hammer the rich again with a "short-term" and "time limited" tax because of the recession.

Goes on to say that it should be done as fairly as possible.

Yeah right!

Why just go for the wealthiest then?

Lord Oakeshott has told Newsnight that Clegg's idea is "radicalised and refreshed" and also calls for a mansion tax too.

Labour in all but name?

Philip Smith quits CF post.

Conservative Future National Executive is rocked today and teetering on the edge of collapse. Ineffectual Deputy Chairman (Political), Philip Smith, has sensationally quit his post at Conservative Future to go on sabbatical in India.

Many may remember tbg. supporting Stephen Hoffman for Deputy Chairman last year. Hate to say we told you so...

Smith told rival news-site London Spin - "“Next Year I will continue fighting for the areas that many of us passionately believe in namely supporting our parties campaigning and advancing young members interests, speaking up for the introduction of a flat tax, advocating support for a EU Referendum and setting about campaigning against Scottish Independence in 2014."

Bring back The Hoff.

Gov't rule out third runway at Heathrow as support grows for Boris Island.

Despite disquiet amongst a number of tory backbenches the Government today ruled out a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

tbg. can also exclusively reveal that had the go-ahead been given for a third runway then Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith would have resigned his seat, forced a by-election and re-stood as an Independent.

Nick Clegg said that it wasn't a case of "sticking our heads in the sand" over the current aviation debate.

However, former President of the National Conservative Convention Charles Barwell told tbg. - "Heathrow is a tired airport in the wrong place strangling west London and snarling up the road network."

"The bold best option is not a third runway at Heathrow but rather a four runway 'Boris Island' in the Thames Estuary linked to HS1 and partially funded by the sale of Heathrow for development."

+UPDATE: 22:44+

Rumour doing the rounds tonight that Transport Secretary Justine Greening threatened to resign too.

"Hands off my vagina!"

Pro-women rights groups have protested at the Republican Convention in Tampa Bay. The protesters turned up in vagina outfits to protest Republican stance on abortion and Todd Aitkens' claims that a women's body can prevent pregnancy when "legitimate rape" occurs.

The group was also protesting against House Republicans watering-down anti-violence against woman laws, removing immigrant women's protection from domestic violence.

National Citizen Service have 30,000 volunteers.

The governments National Citizen Service is a modern twist to the old style military service and an integral part of David Camerons' Big Society. This summer it has over 30,000 16-17 year olds signed up, ready to team up and volunteer for their country.

The three week programme is designed to teach new skills, get used to working with people they've never met before, living away from home to take part in outdoor activities and reconnecting with their communities. The Prime Minister says that by 2014 nearly one in six teenagers will be taking part in the programme and eventually offering it to every 16-year-old in the country.

The website states: "You will spend a week in October (during half term) away from home getting to know your new teammates and having an amazing adventure. When you get back you will reconnect with your team and take part in skill building sessions, which will then help you to plan and deliver a project which could make a real difference to your community.

At the end of the programme, you will be presented with a certificate signed by the Prime Minister to recognise the contribution you will have made to your community and your country."

It seems the National Citizen Service project really is off the ground and running. Conservative Future have been doing social action projects for years, it will be great to see this vision implemented nationally.

Nadine Dorries' scathing attack on Louise Mensch.

Nadine Dorries MP, for Mid Bedfordshire, has sensationally attacked Louise Mensch for her comments backing The Sun over the publication of naked Prince Harry photos and her behaviour when she served on the select committee over newspaper phone-hacking.

Dorries venomous comments come as Mensch prepares to step down as Member of Parliament for Corby. Dorries lambasted Menschs' reasons for standing down saying - "She appears on her social media site and Twitter by the minute and has no problem leaving her family, popping up on the media on a regular basis, even to condemn Prince Harry".

Dorries continued - "It's not as though Prince Harry has admitted to taking illegal drugs, abandoned his post, or failed to turn up to work every Thursday in the style of Louise Mensch, now is it?"

Mensch responded on Twitter by saying she found herself on the, "Nadine Dorries naughty step. Pity as I spend my entire time worrying about what she thinks".

Dorries also commented that, "One of the most unprofessional and undignified comments ever heard in a select committee", was when Mensch explained to James Murdoch on Live TV that she had to leave 45 minutes early to pick up her children from school.

Should he stay or should he go?

Pressure was continuing to mount on George Osborne last night as further details of the ICM Guardian Poll came out.

It shows that not only has his satisfaction rating plummeted to below that of Deputy PM Nick Clegg but also that over half of people aged over 35 and therefore more likely to vote want the Chancellor replaced.

Osborne's overall satisfaction rating is -32, Clegg is -26, Cameron -12 and Ed Miliband -13.

Experts however say that Cameron is unlikely to move Osborne by pointing out that the last time a Chancellor was removed by a Prime Minister in mid-term was when Norman Lamont was replaced by Kenneth Clarke following Black Wednesday in 1992.

New Poll.

A poll for ICM/Guardian tonight gives Labour a five point lead over the Conservatives.

Labour 39%
Conservatives 34%
Lib Dems 15%
Others 12%

That gives the Coalition a 10% lead over Labour.

YCRG Facebook attack.

A storm is occurring on the Young Conservative Reform Groups' (YCRG) Facebook page (above).

The group has come under sustained attack by the hard-right and with over 327 comments so far and one CF'er being called a "disgusting intolerant fascist liberal", it's an entertaining read. If you didn't already know the earth was mostly populated by idiots, just read this thread.

+UPDATE 19:38+

tbg. is publishing a statement released by YCRG due to the sustained attacks it is receiving from the hard-right.

"The Young Conservative Reform Group was today targeted for criticism by leading members of hard-Right groups, namely the Traditional Britain Group and the National Culturists, with whom we do not associate, whose views we do not endorse, and whose contributions to our Facebook page have been, in our judgement, laughable and expose them for the non-entities that they are.

The YCRG is proud to support freedom of speech. Naturally, should the discussions on our page turn abusive, intimidatory or potentially law-breaking, we will not hesitate in taking action in preventing further posts by those responsible and will delete any offending posts when they come to our attention.

Ultimately, however, the YCRG is somewhat pleased that we have aroused the response that we have from the hard-Right figures who have chosen to speak out against us today. It stands to reason that a group such as ours, that believes in open markets, sound economics, a free and tolerant society and respect for individuals, families, and the institutions that serve Britain so well should be subject to attacks from groups of the political extreme. We're somewhat amused by it, even encouraged.

Nonetheless, we will carry on pushing for our values and vision in the Conservative Party. And neither the hard-Right, nor any other political extremist movement, will prevent that.

We thank our supporters for their continuing good will. Onward and upward!"

Red Ed's at war.

They may be 12 points ahead in the polls but they certainly aren't behaving like a government in waiting.

Instead, relations between Red Ed Miliband and Red Ed Balls have got even worse.

Daily Mail today reports that the relationship between the Red Eds' is now as bad as it was between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The Miliband camp have recently been briefing about Balls' 'alpha male posturing', policy differences between the two, domineering, secrecy and there's even a rumour that Miliband had a blazing phone row with Balls.

How credible is that?

Hollande in Syria warning.

The French President Francois Hollande is being reported to have said that if Syria use chemical weapons, it would be a "legitimate reason" for military intervention.

The stark warning to the Syrian regime comes after Obama and Cameron issued warnings that the use or threat of chemical weapons would force them "to revisit their approach".

Hollande also called on Syrian rebels to form a government because if they did, France would recognise It.

BNP 'truth truck' stuck.

The BNP 'Truth Truck' came to a grinding halt in Sunderland after it crashed into the underside of a bridge.

According to Political Scrapbook The 'Truth Truck' became stuck for after it was involved with a protest about a Subway sandwich shop in the city using Halal meat.

Scottish churches condemn gay marriage.

In another humiliating move by the Roman Catholic Church, priests today denounced Scottish government plans to introduce gay marriage.

The priests declared today "National Marriage Sunday" and enforced their view that marriage is specifically a union between a man and a woman. In a letter reading during services throughout Scotland priests said, "pray for our elected leaders, invoking the Holy Spirit on them, that they may be moved to safeguard marriage as it has always been understood, for the good of Scotland and of our society".

The Equality Network said that, "The letter is part of a wider anti-gay agenda"

Clearly the Church is showing just how out of touch, dated and discriminatory it is towards sections of our society. If gay people want to marry and share the same rights as heterosexual unions, then so be it.

tbg. is always wary of taking advice from someone who truly believes the earth was made in seven days.

Virgin says it'll run West Coast rail for free.

In a desperate attempt to hang on to his franchise Sir Richard Branson has today offered to run the West Coast Mainline "for free" so as to give Parliament time to review the £10bn franchise's award to FirstGroup.

More than 100,000 people have so far signed a petition calling for a review.

Its also enough signatures to trigger a Parliamentary debate.

Sir Richard Branson again claimed today that promises made by FirstGroup in its successful bid were unrealistic and would lead to his rival's "almost certain bankruptcy".

As reported here on tbg House of Commons Transport Committee Chairman Louise Ellman has written to Transport Secretary Justine Greening asking her to delay signing the contract.

Sign the petition here.

Keep Clarke, sack Osborne.

That's the message from voters today according to a poll for the Mail on Sunday.

44% say Ken Clarke should stay whilst 28% say he should go.

27% say George Osborne should stay whilst 43% say he should go.

44% of people support a David Laws comeback compared to just 16% against.

Yet the most popular figures is William Hague with a 60% approval rating which surely begs the question:

Why not swap Osborne and Hague around?

New Poll.

Survation and Mail on Sunday Poll says the Liberal Democrats have been pushed into fourth spot behind UKIP.

Labour 37%(-), Conservatives 30%(+1), UKIP 12%(+1), Lib-Dems 10% (-3).

It's worth mentioning that UKIP and Tory votes combined would amount to 42%.

Laws set for a comeback?

He came and he went and now he's coming back.

That's the rumour sweeping Westminster tonight as regards the impending Cabinet reshuffle.

Rumour also has it that Sir George Young and Cheryl Gillan are for chop and that Chris Grayling and Michael Fallon are set to be promoted.

CF is 'a failed institution'.

The Daily Mail has published an article about Conservative Future (CF) labeling it "a failed institution", with a clique of just a couple of hundred active members.

The article draws on the fact the Tory youth wing celebrates that it has over 18,000 members yet, "Weirdly (it) appears that only 2,621 ballot papers were sent out at the latest leadership election". This is an undeniable fact that the current Chairman, Ben Howlett, was elected with just 113 votes - And we all know that number is much higher than the year before.

The Mail says CF is dominated by infighting and many right-minded young activists have sought pastures elsewhere at YBF, Liberty League and UKIP. And it so happens a massive chunk of Leeds Conservative Future have defected to UKIP over the summer.

Reporter Alex Singleton goes on to endorse Oliver Cooper as the unifying potential "saviour" type chairman who can save CF from peril. He says Cooper is, "Someone with the gravitas to represent young people's views to the leadership, rather than repeating the leadership's cliched catchphrases". One CF'er commented that "Cooper is a clique of 1, himself..."

The article comes after tbg. reported, earlier this month, that northern CF branches are to bid for positions on the CF National Executive to break the 'London clique' once and for all.

West Coast rethink?

It left many of us scratching our heads in frustration and today an MP has finally requested a delay in the awarding of the West Coast Mainline Rail Franchise to First Group.

Transport Select Committee Chairman Louise Ellman has written to Transport Secretary Justine Greening requesting more scrutiny of the deal.

Earlier this month Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson called the decision to award the franchise to rival First Group "insane".

Leaked email proves Lib-Dems will block boundary changes.

This is the e mail that proves the Lib Dems are going to block boundary changes at the next election after all at whatever cost. It was sent to Lib Dem Party Members on 10th August 2012 at 00:33


Subject: Parliamentary boundary changes

Dear colleague

I am sending this formal notice to all our Approved Candidates in London as requested by Margaret Joachim as Chair of the English Candidates Committee (ECC) following the senior Party Officers and FE conference call with the Chief Whip, Alistair Carmichael. The same message is being circulated by Candidates Chairs to all the Approved Candidates in their Region.

"Following the announcement by Nick Clegg on Monday regarding House of Lords reform, it has been decided that the selections for Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidates for Westminster in this electoral cycle should go ahead along current (2010 GE) constituency boundaries.

The Liberal Democrats in Government will be opposing any proposed boundary changes for the 2015 General Election, as a direct response to the Conservative backbench opposition to Lords Reform. It is therefore very unlikely that the planned boundary changes will be able to go ahead for this electoral cycle, and Westminster Selections will proceed on this basis."

We will therefore commence the new cycle of Westminster Selections this Autumn under the new selection rules. The key change is that we will now operate two tiers of selection. The first is the full selection for priority seats and the second is a fast, slim line selection for development seats. But while priority seats are obliged to have a full selection process, development seats have the discretion to opt for the full process if they so wish. As always, the advert for each selection will appear in Liberal Democrat News and also be communicated on the Party's internet via the usual channels. Please therefore look out for the selections when each one is advertised.

I hope that most of you will put yourself forward for seats as they become available. I and the other members of the London Candidates Committee will be available for advice and guidance and I look forward to speaking to many of you over the next few months.

Best Wishes


The PM is sticking to his guns and putting the boundaries to a vote. But with the nationalist smaller parties likely to join the Libs and Labour, the new seats look doomed.

I wonder how long it will take CCHQ to send out a similar missive after the Commons vote ends in defeat?

So much for all in it together!

Revised recession figures.

The UK's recession is not as deep as first thought. Last weeks estimates suggested a 0.7% fall in output. The Office for National Statistics now says the actual figure is 0.5%.

It is thought construction didn't fair as badly as first thought and came in higher than expected. The revision is small and the economy is still more than 4% below its pre-recession peak.

tbg. believes GDP will rebound this current quarter. A rise in consumer and government spending, as well as the economic boost from the Olympics will be recorded in the July to September quarter and should lift growth.

Must Watch: Sex, Lies and Julian Assange.

Source: Journeyman VOD - ABC Australia

Osborne to stand down from electoral role.

Daily Mail are this morning reporting that George Osborne is to leave his political role with the Conservatives to concentrate on the economy.

Its believed that he is to be replaced by Boris Johnson's Campaign Manager Lynton Crosby.

The news comes as a new poll shows that just 16% of voters believe George Osborne is the man to spearhead the economic recovery.

New Poll.

UPDATE: Latest You Gov has Labour lead up to twelve points and Lib Dems in double figures for a change.

Lab 44%, Con 32%, Lib Dems 10% and UKIP 7%

Clegg on the brink.

With the Party Conference Season around the corner there's bad news for Deputy PM Nick Clegg today.

A poll of the grass roots by Lib Dem Voice has revealed that almost half (46%) of Lib Dem Members want a new leader.

Having only just returned from his family holiday in Majorca, David Cameron is said to be very worried by the findings and privately its thought that if the Lib Dems do dump Clegg then they will pull out of the coalition too.

Cameron isn't the only one worried either.

After a string of big bets earlier this month bookies William Hill only make the Lib Dem Leader 6/5 to be replaced by 2015.

Not a bad bet considering the talk of him becoming a European Commissioner one thinks.

Israel prepare to strike Iran.

Obama could be set for a massive election headache and the government in Syria may not be able to rely on donated Iranian weapons much longer as panic sets in, in Tehran.

Israel says Iran is extremely close to having a nuclear weapon. This is obviously seen as a grave threat by Israelis as the 'leader' of Iran has said he'd wipe them off the map. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister, Ehud Barak have threatened Iran with military action, an act which would be sure to destabilise the entire Middle East into a very dangerous state.

New gas mask distribution centers have opened, a nationwide missile alert system has been tested and an Iranian official this week warned of hundreds of casualties if Israel unilaterally strikes Iran. Many Iranians now believe the strike will occur sooner rather than later while the US is busy fighting itself in a general election.

It is reported that the Israeli governments' unilateral stance isn't too popular among its own people.

"I'm very afraid. I want peace, not war. I absolutely don't want Israel to strike Iran" said Israeli Pnina Grinbaum, in Jerusalem.

Academy sends back "unfair" GCSE results.

GCSE results are out today. The Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough says it has sent back its English GCSE examination papers and labelled the marking system, "unfair".

Head of the Academy Dr Alan McMurdo says: "It cannot be right that a child got a C last year with 16 less marks than a child needs this year. That is simply unfair to students."

Another secondary school in Peterborough, St John Fisher Catholic School, has also complained that its pupils' marks have also been degraded by the new system.

Sean Hayes is headteacher at the Catholic school, he told a local journalist that usually accurate grade predictions told them to expect a "68% pass rate for English but it was about 55%".

Mr Hayes said: "We are looking at appealing a number of individual results where they are borderline... What I worry about is when the predictions were needed to get in to somewhere, like college. If students don’t get the grades they need it can change the whole situation for them.".

Putin is soo not gay.

Russia has recently seen punk girl band Pussy Riot jailed for two years for protesting against the Russian President. Putins' regime deemed the protest as 'homosexual propaganda'.

Gay pride marches have just been banned for 100 years. This comes after Moscow City Court upheld government legislation outlawing LGBT events. The bill has been widely criticized by Russian LGBT and human rights activists, as well as international human rights groups. Protests outside Russian embassies have taken place across the planet.

Two Russians in St. Petersburg were recently sentenced under the law for displaying a poster reading "Being gay is normal" on a street near a school.

Anti-gay activists are also using the Russian governments anti-gay laws to sue Madonna for $10M because she spoke up for the LGBT community.


Overseas Aid effort to focus on tax collection.

I too welcome the recent report that suggests that our overseas aid effort should focus more on helping poor countries collect their own taxes.

It is a major step in the right direction for the long term but the fact of the matter is that there are still more pressing problems here in Britain that need dealing with first.

For example, one in ten of our own youths are not in employment, education, or training and because of the mess left behind by Labour we are now having to borrow more to clear it up.

I find it outrageous that at a time when we need to invest in our own infrastructure so as to create growth in our own economy the only budget that ever seems to go up in real terms is overseas aid.

Have this government never heard of putting number one first?

Conservative Future - Is It Personal?

The Conservative Party has always relied on its voluntary wing to help win elections and spread the Conservative message. Volunteers from all ages and backgrounds gather on campaign days to fight against incompetent Parties and to ensure that local constituents are represented by the right people. Over the years this has provided the Party members with an opportunity to get to know each other and form a political family. A family formed by passionate individuals who work under an organised structure.

The organised structure consists of regular members who are the backbone of the organisation and executive members. The executive, whether in the senior party or the youth wing (Conservative Future) are responsible to make sure that activists are united and motivated at all times. However it is important to remember that taking up these positions should not be solely based on maximising personal gain. The primary objective should be to serve the Party we love, and perhaps in return use the experience later in life.

Although there are always a few who do not share the same views as me, in particular a minority in the youth wing. As we all know the Conservative Future national elections will not take place until early next year, but backstabbing and dirty attacks have already begun by that minority. These childish behaviour are absolutely unnecessary as we get closer to the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I personally urge all Conservative Future members to fully focus on campaigning. After all, the majority prefer an active candidate who is passionate about the Party to an apathetic, self-absorbed and fundamentally lazy candidate.

Over the last few months, I have heard a lot of complaints from regular members about a couple of senior CF members not delivering despite their juicy promises before the last CF election. And every time I tell them that they should not worry about a few disappointing activists as in time they will be punished by the ruthless world of politics itself.

Fortunately we are lucky to have a lot of enthusiastic individuals in our organisation who are working towards a mutual goal. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all those hardworking CF'ers up and down the country who have contributed to our Party over the last few years.

Follow Up: Article #2 - Christine Emmett will ensure victory for Tories.

Mahyar Tousi

Piers Morgan spotted at WWE Summerslam.

Bonfire of Quangos set to save £2.6bn.

George Osborne may have been left dissapointed by the recent borrowing figures but he will certainly be impressed by one set of statistics at least.

Latest figures show that Francis Maudes' much trumpeted bonfire of the quangos which has already saved £1.4 Billion since 2010 is set to save the country a further £1.2 Billion by 2015.

A total of 106 quangos have been closed so far since 2010 and a further 98 face the chop by 2015.

The £2.6 Billion saving to date is the equivalent to £150 per working household in Britain.

Mr Maude told tbg.: "In 2010 we inherited a bloated quangocracy that had spiralled out of control."

"We have since legislated long-overdue reforms by closing unnecessary public bodies and there's plenty more to come."

CF Social Action in Chesham.

Conservative Future activists from Beaconsfield, Chesham and Amersham Conservative Future (BCACF), this past Saturday, cleaned up Cheshams' streets from its perilous six foot nettles.

Chairman of BCACF Leon Man from Burnham, said: "It was a pleasure to volunteer our time to help the local community. I hope people notice a difference. Because social action is such an integral part of what we do we plan to come out again with even more volunteers to help the communities in Amersham and Beaconsfield."

Local Counsillor Pete Hudson said: "I'm very grateful to the Conservative Future volunteers who gave up their free time to help the local community. With so many negative stories about young people it's good to see what a positive difference they can and do make."

According to a local newsfeed 6 BCACF members filled over 14 sacks of nettles, vegetation and rubbish including bottles, cans and household waste.

While activists work hard on Britains streets it has been speculated that wishful CF chairman candidate, Alastair Wilson, was drinking and dining doners at a "posh" pub in London this week. Wilson should take more notice of what CF do on the ground before he meets with any donors wising them with his "Intricate knowledge of how Westminster" works. Is that even what Conservative Future needs?

Ineligible Alastair Wilson.

According to London Spin a 31 year old hot shot businessman wants to run for Conservative Future chairman. His name is Alastair Wilson and he is pictured above on the right, like you didn't already know - is that a missing tooth?

The over-age "young" tory had a good write up at London Spin. The newspaper said "Alastair Wilson, who has a broad array of links across the movement’s grassroots support base" - Alastair only has 120 Facebook friends and can't be found on Twitter by tbg..

Spin continued: "Wilson told this newspaper that he was running on a platform for growth and prosperity for the movement and would deliver cross-branch unity under one democratic structure. Mr Wilson is certainly a force to be reckoned with and has an intricate knowledge of how Westminster operates."

tbg. thinks not.

Sell NHS brand abroad.

The government is said to be encouraging hospitals up and down the country to sell their services abroad for profit. 'NHS' branded clinics could be set up in other countries in order to increase revenue for the British NHS.

The Department of Health and UK Trade and Investment department has put together the plan and gained criticism from the Patients Association, they say establishing overseas clinics would be a 'distraction' and may negatively effect standards here at home.

However tbg. thinks it's an idea that is already long in the tooth and just needs expanding (much). It seems to be a viable option that will change the NHS from its current state of reliability on the already punitive tax-rates which is unsustainable, to a sustainable world-class heath care service. Clinics already exist abroad that are run by NHS trusts with a reputation around the world, these include Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street hospital in the Middle East.

The government thinks there could be lucrative possibilities for NHS-standard healthcare services in growing markets such as India and China.

New Poll.

UPDATE: Latest figures come at same time as another You Gov Poll for tomorrow's Sun shows Labour still with a solid ten point lead over the Conservatives.

(Full figures are Lab 44%, Con 34%, Lib Dems 8% and UKIP 7%).

Unions caught lining Labours coffers yet again.

Its that time of year when the figures are out and it seems as though its business as usual for Red Ed Miliband and his beloved trades unions.,

Between April and June its emerged that Unite gave £840,275 to Labour, Usdaw gave £429,558, The GMB gave £313,863 and UNISON handed over £213,000.

This in itself means that well over half of Labour's funding in the last quarter came from just three big trade unions.

All at a time when Unionised staff from UNITE recently voted for strike action at Capita IT Services, when workers at Swindon Council rattled up their 21st day of strike action so far this year and when thousands of UNISON staff at the NHS across Bolton threatened to go on strike over a national pay row.

Not to mention the contributions made by rich bankers at the Co-op and a massive overdraft at ‘friendly’ rates.

Jackson in Lib-Dem swipe.

Outspoken Tory MP for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson, has had a bit of a bitch this afternoon at the Lib Dems.

Assange drama.

Extradition is a merky, controvesial process and today Julian Assange continued to defy EU law. He has made a statement on the balcony at the Ecuador embassy saying the US should stop its "Witch-hunt" against Wikileaks. The Foreign Offices' website (above) fired a warning shot at Assange with a story about how balcony "incidents" are on the rise, top right of the main headline.

The outgoing Tory MP for Corby had a quip on Twitter also.

"Assange drama could be over soon if someone engineered a 'plumbing malfunction' at the Embassy." - @LouiseMensch

Churchgoers shun Cameron.

Poor DC hasn't had the best of week's already and today there's more bad news about to drop into his tray.

A new poll shows that 60 per cent of churchgoers are less likely to vote Conservative following his plans to legalise gay marriage.

The survey also found that 86 per cent of them think that even if churches were exempt then it would be overturned by the European Court of Human Rights.

Tory MP Karl McCartney sparked fury in April by criticising the plans in the middle of the local elections campaign.

Tory MPs criticise welfare dependency.

Well done Tory MPs Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss for having the guts to criticise the welfare dependency culture and the young Britons who ‘prefer a lie-in’ and leave tough jobs to immigrant labourers.

In a book to be published on the eve of the Tory Party conference the MPs, who are members of the Conservatives’ Free Enterprise Group, call for more workplace deregulation and tax cuts to kickstart the economy and warn that the country is being dragged down by a bloated public sector, poor productivity, years of excessive spending, too little growth and increasingly large public sector pension liabilities.

In other words, the mess left behind by Labour!

Post Office to investigate 'racist' employee.

Muriel Malley is in the centre of a post office storm after having her Facebook status exposed and accused of being a racist whilst manning her post office position. The Post Office says it will investigate the allegation.

The BNP member and activist - whom signed nomination papers leading to the BNP fielding a candidate in the Wansbeck constituency - posted a Facebook status mentioning a "Coloured" two year old she suspects might be theiving in her shop.

Malley has also previously bragged that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist was one of her Facebook friends - confirming his BNP links.

Tories face drubbing in Corby by-election.

Cameron's Conservatives are all gearing up for an Action Day in Corby tomorrow ready for the forthcoming by-election.

However, its not looking good.

Whilst one local poll shows that the public are behind the government's deficit reduction plan another gives Labour a 15 point lead.

The poll, commissioned by Lord Ashcroft, which has Labour on 52 per cent and the Conservatives on 37 per cent.

Don't people know who caused the economic mess in the first place?

Free Pussy Riot.

Human Rights took a nose dive today in Russia. Conceptual art girl band Pussy Riot have been found guilty and jailed for 2 years for comitting hooliganism.

The band performed a song titled, "Punk Prayer" at the alter of one of Russias' most famous churches. The performance was a protest against the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He (Putin) didn't like this one bit.

Putin is a former member of Russias' only legal political party for nearly a century, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It goes without saying that the guilty verdict probably came from the Kremlin and not the court. Not to mention Putin meddling in their sentencing. Putin seemed to be calling for sentencing leniency now they have been found guilty probably because the West isn't reacting too well. Russia has stepped backwards into its cold, dark past.

The band were not violent and most Russians don't really see the problem - and this is a deeply religious country.

Putin must not be allowed to quash valid political protest or statements. If he is allowed it may well return Russia to old form and a Putin life-long reign, if that's not what they actually already have and have had since 1999.

Free Pussy Riot.