YCRG launched.

The Young Conservative Reform Group was launched recently and has attracted some interest.

Robert Hainault, Economics columnist for Not So Reviews, has written an article on gossitory that says the group "isn’t a step, it’s a leap in the right direction".

Robert writes: "We are still told by the state what we can and cannot put into our bodies, and the things we are still allowed to consume are covered with propaganda. You must not drink more than x. Smoking will make you y. We live in an age of prohibitions.

The plain packaging for cigarettes movement is gathering speed. What next – plain bottles of wine and cans of lager? People scoff, but it’s far less ridiculous than a pasty tax!"

Indeed this is no scoffing matter. tbg. fully believes that the fascist nanny state movement, we cant seem to shake off, will not only stop at plain packaging for alcohol and cigarettes but an all out ban will succeed such silly faffing around.

The problem is that by this point a public majority will probably generally accept that this will be a good idea and make for a better society (eg smoking ban) after being bamboozled by article after news report after article of scare stories. Of course the health questions and debates actually miss the point completely as to why Conservative Libertarians and Liberals alike oppose such despot regime like legislation. It's when they bring the children and the unborn into it tbg. hates most.

Of course we must be aware and informed of what is (actually) bad for us, but not piled with stories about all sorts of things causing cancer when in actual fact, they don't. And to also not be persecuted for our lifestyle choices in a free, liberal-tory-like democracy.

You can get involved with YCRG here.