We should take no lessons from Labour on immigration.

So, according to Yvette Cooper "The Borders Agency is not taking illegal immigration or enforcement policy seriously" and "worsening results on foreign criminals were not the fault of the Human Rights Act or the courts, but the Government's failure to get policy right." This is cheap coming from someone who precided over the largest influx of migrants since the Saxons during the 13 years of the last Government with migrants arriving in the UK at a rate of almost one a minute.

Has it not occured to Yvette that more than three million foreign migrants joined the UK population under Labour’s open door on immigration including enough foreign nationals to fill Birmingham three times over and another million who are feared to be here illegally all of which means even more pressure on public services, roads, housing, schools and hospitals. As a result three in four new jobs created since 1997 have been accounted for by migrant workers, one in four children is born to a foreign mother, a third of future extra households will be due to immigration, half a million extra foreign-born children arrived at a primary school.

The UK population could hit 70 million within two decades largely driven by immigration and according to Professor David Coleman of Oxford University, if immigration continues at its present level ‘white British’ may become a minority in the UK by the late 2060s.

No wonder Ms Cooper and her Labour Party won't say how they will tackle the problem or offer any target figures. The fact of the matter is that this whole mess is the legacy of the last Labour Government which Ms Cooper and her husband Ed Balls were both at the very heart of.