UKIP plan to poach Tories.

There's a UKIP Conference in the South East tomorrow (21 July), as if you didn't know.

During this conference there so happens to be a speech being made by former Conservative Future Executive member, Alexandra Swann.

Swann plans on enlightening the UKIP grassroots on how to get Tories on-side, because of course, she is the perfect candidate to speak on the issue after she skipped to UKIP earlier this year.

In an article on The Commentator today Swann said: "Today I am heading back to the UK by way of the Eurostar, tomorrow I will be speaking at the South East UKIP Conference in Frimley on the subject of targeting Tories to defect to us (as if we need to push them, given the sheer volume of Councillors seeing the light)".

Yeahh, should be dead easy.