UK to pay EU £350M extra.

The EU is set to increase its budget by £2.9 billion and take total EU spending to about £108.7 billion. The UK is expected to contribute £350 million.

Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris is co-founder of the "Fresh Start Group" which is a meeting of Euro-sceptic minds is quoted as saying:

"The case for reform is greater now than it has ever been. We are just about to increase the EU budget, and our part of that increase is £350 million.

That would pay a year’s basic salary to at least 18,500 Army privates, the average basic salary to more than 10,500 NHS-qualified nurses, or a year’s basic salary to around 12,500 police constables."

It is expected that the UK will vote against the measure, as will Sweden and the Netherlands. However, the majority vote will win on this occasion so Britain and its allies will not be able to block the move.

No doubt this will have the nation up in arms. And why not. We have a government trying to save money here there and everywhere, yet are having to shell out to failing nations, which quite honestly have debt figures that are out of this world, proper astronomical numbers, and by the way it's not possible to repay this with money that is borrowed. And now the EU want to increase spending. It's madness.

tbg. doesn't want to pay for un-elected EU officials gravy-train anymore.
Not quite sure tbg. wants to keep paying for the elected ones either. We must stop throwing money at a dead horse.