Tory Cllr on-air BBC bust-up.

Tory Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald is in the midst of an almighty row with the BBC. Fitzgerald has accused the BBC of "dreadful biased reporting" after a huge bust-up LIVE on air.

Fitzgerald used to run a strip-bar in the city of Peterborough and is a director at Cross-Keys Homes. Cross-Keys is the city’s largest housing association following the transfer of the city council’s 10,000-strong housing stock over seven years ago. Fitzgerald is facing opposition over his plans to close two Peterborough City Council care-homes, reportedly making savings of £1.75 million.

During the interview Fitzgerald, who got very hot under the collar (as did the DJ), alluded that in his opinion the views expressed on the show didn't count as the audience wasn't large enough. The interview tumbled into an almighty personal row full of kidney shots and low-blows. Listen...