Tony says sorry.

Tony Blair kept his comeback dream on track last night by saying sorry and admitting responsibility for Britain's wrecked economy.

In another warning to current Labour Leader Ed Miliband who wants the powers of banks reigned in Mr. Blair said that a vibrant financial sector was important for the UK economic recovery.

The former PM said that Labour's big mistake was that it failed to get to grips with banking globalisation.

Seems to me that the plot is really on.

If I was 'Son of Brown' Red Ed I would watching my back closely this summer.

What will Gordon Brown think though?

So much for being Tony's Iron Chancellor!

+UPDATE 09:56+
HICKEY @ Daily Express is reporting that Blair is to have lunch with The Queen, David Cameron, Sir John Major AND Gordon Brown tomorrow. Should be very interesting!

+UPDATE 22:44+
Blair interview in Tuesdays' (24 July) Telegraph. "Blair launches a defence of the free market and liberal economic rules established by the Thatcher government".