The disgraceful Unions.

So, thousands of Public and Commercial Services Union Home Office staff will strike the day before the Olympics open and train drivers union Aslef have scheduled industrial action affecting East Midlands Trains during the Olympics.

This is nothing short of a disgraceful and unpatriotic state of affairs.

Which is why today I call upon Labour Leader Ed Miliband to cut ties with these left wing unions.

During the Olympics the eyes of the world will be on London.

The fact of the matter is that as Britain continues to recover from the complete economic mess Labour left behind instead of supporting the measures taken by the government so as to keep interest rates low for homeowners and businesses alike all these unions seem interested in doing is causing more and more disruption for the hard working and tax paying citizens who's money is paying for the games in the first place.

Rather than let left wing loonies hold us all to ransom I say we need to all stand up tall, be proud of our country, be proud of our economic recovery and ban strikes right across public services completely.

If Ed Miliband had any decency he would pay back the money given to his party by these unions since he was elected, condemn the action unequivically, and refuse to share any type of platform with theses left wing marxist union wreckers.