Swann rallies UKIP troops.

Former Tory youth Executive member, Alexadnra Swann, made her speech at the UKIP South-East Conference yesterday on how to get Tories to defect.

Swann says that over 400 people turned up, mostly "in their 20's & 30's". Swann seems to have has the idea that UKIP policies are actually Conservative policies drawing on experience with her, "two friends (Andre and Peterkin) who are both Conservatives yet highly disillusioned by this 'Conservative-led' government".

Swann continues to share her experience: "I worked through traditional Conservative principles of individual sovereignty, low taxation, small government, defence, selective education, supporting the economy by reducing regulation and excessive business taxes, protecting the City of London from attacks from Brussels. To highlight that in all of these areas my friends, Conservatives, believe with UKIP policies – the same policies that were once Conservative.

As I repeated as the punch line yesterday: My friends believe this, most Conservatives believe this, Mr Cameron does not"

From the list Swann provides, surely its just the EU thing they've got to go on - "protecting the City of London from attacks from Brussels and principles of individual sovereignty". Everything else is being tackled by this government, which is a Coalition. Defence is suffering cuts as most departments bar NHS & International Development.

In any case Britain has grown up from the 1950's style conservatism UKIP are trying to sell. For example, to even use the words "selective education" in 21st century Britain is asking for what would probably be very damaging attacks of modern day child Apartheid from the Left. Dramatised yes, yet with seems of truth if things were taken too far as history shows. So it's then hard to argue you're not actually evil, then everyone gets dragged into a row about something that isn't about education anymore.

Grammar schools are great but they're scarce, not everyone capable would get to go to one and to embark on a building program now would be un-affordable. There are ways of delivering education to children in state schools by streaming/setting from an early age so those who can achieve are excelled and do so, and those who struggle get the help and support they need and work at a suitable pace in a different class.

Education guidelines need to change too, i.e National Curriculum. As does the way children are taught, which seems to be only how to pass an exam and not receiving a thoughtful & rounded education. This Government have gone some way with the Free Schools initiative. This fresh policy allows local communities to set up schools to serve their children.

All this leads tbg. to believe that the only Tories that are going to be attracted by this UKIP malarkey are the ones who have a wasp in their arse about the EU or those who dream of Benny Hill being on TV every night.