Peterborough or Pyongyang.

Peterborough council will still appoint ruling chairmen to neighbourhood committees a vote determined yesterday. The ruling Tory Party are appointing chairmen to run city committees with brazen disregard for local politics and democracy.

Councillor John Fox said the committees should be able to elect their own chairmen so that the local political make up is reflected within the groups.

Fox continued:"In the northern area of Peterborough 67 per cent of people didn’t vote Conservative, but at the committee we still have a Conservative chairman.

We should be able to select our own chairman."

The motion was denied after Cllr Peter Hiller said: "I can’t support the motion to change the constitution at the request of a handful of opposition members." tbg. believes indeed you can do this, that's the point isn't it?

Labour Councillor Khan told Peterboroughs' Evening Telegraph: "This proposal is not personal, but when these committees were set up we were told the decisions made would be dedicated to a local level.

What we have is a chairman who have been imposed on us, which is totally unfair."

Peterborough looks set to continue being run with an iron fist and little democracy. Not so Tory-like.