More politicians? No thanks.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, wants a mainly elected House of Lords. And yes, The Lords isn't the most democratic chamber and the fundamental role it plays regardless is unique in a democracy.

The bill being voted on later today would reduce the number of members of the House of Lords from 816 to 450 but make 80% of them elected, rather than appointed. Does the House of Lords work? One could say it has done in the past when protecting civil liberties when the previous Labour government tried to pass police state-like legislation on extradition and ID Cards. They are a wise bunch but then why should non-elected peers stop a democratically elected government reform programme.

A reduction in the numbers does seem reasonable, but creating more politicians whilst doing so, all with a view to clinging onto power and playing that game, rather than engaging in deep thought and discussion, may not be the right course of action at this time. Escpecially when recent polls show 77% of British people don't trust elected politicians. Shocking.