Lansleys social-care reform.

Andrew Lansley has today published his white paper setting out the biggest changes (he says) to care in the UK since 1948.

The Health Secretary says the white paper published today will give carers and families more peace of mind. It will allow people to remain active in their own communities and enable person-centered planning approach, delivering on individual needs.

An extra £100m in 2013/14 and £200m in 2014/15 will be spend on social care. Rights for carers will be extended and it will be easier to understand how care and support services work. Care users will be able to take their assessments with them if they move area. £32.5m will be invested to provide more information about care services available and a new code of conduct for care workers will be introduced.

More care workers will be trained and Lansley has promised 5000 new carers by 2015. 'Contracting by the minute' will cease as it's a crual practice according to Lansley. Instead, contracting will be by 'quality'.

Everyone will be entitled to a personal budget. By 2015 people will have a legal right to request one. It will also become easier to find out if a care provider is good. A website with feedback will be established.

Care services will finally be able to assess people under 18. On the other end of the spectrum, people will have more care at the end of their life. Care will be provided by the state once people reach the end-of-life stage.

Charity and care provider MenCap says, "We support personalisation but have concerns about how it is implemented". Mencap Dec 2011 response.