Is our Vince getting too close to Red Ed?

Following his latest mutterings its emerged this morning that despite having to adhere to collective responsibility in The Cabinet Vince Cable has been privately praising Red Ed Miliband.

In a recent interview Our Vince called Red Ed an "able guy".

Quite a compliment.

There's even talk now that having Vince Cable as Leader of the Lib Dems at the next election could even be the price of a Lib-Lab coalition after the next election.

tbg. has learnt that this latest bout of social frienliness originates from a text message sent from Vince to Red Ed during the last party conference season when Vince called Red Ed's speech, "one of the best arguments for social democracy made in years".

Perhaps if Mr Cable really did believe in democracy he would concentrate on the job in hand rather than mere futuristic speculation.