Farage vs. Cameron.

Fisty-cuffs time. Nigel Farage was in Eastleigh, Sunday, when he announced he was going to deliver a hand written letter to No.10. This letter will challenge David Cameron to a mono-un-mono, one-on-one public debate over the issue of an EU referendum.

Farage is said to have received the call confirming his appointment with the Prime Minister whilst on a walkabout in Eastleigh.

Farage then apparently got on his soapbox before a baying crowd howling with excitement and announced: "I have today obtained a permission from the police to go to Downing Street on Monday (July 16 2012) morning and hand deliver a letter issuing a personal challenge to David Cameron to have a public debate with me over why people in this country cannot have a vote to decide whether we are members of the European Union or not."

It's almost like a boxer and his contingent delivering a contract for a main event match which the champion often accepts in boxing. It's unlikely that the champion (David Cameron) will accept a low ranking talents' invite to a showdown. It's actually more like WWE.

Farage also refused to rule out standing for Parliament in Eastleigh.

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