Einy Shah says it's a maybe.

Last week tbg. reported that a female candidate is considering a bid for Conservative Future (CF) Chairman. Today tbg. can exclusively reveal that top CF'er and former Deputy Chairman of the Tory youth wing in London, and slightly controversial, Einy Shah, has told tbg. that a bid for Chairman "maybe" about to occur for the 2013 elections.

Einy caused a stir in 2010 after being accused of causing 'criminal damage', pretty rock'n'roll stuff if it wasn't the fact that it was actually part of a Channel 4 Olympic legacy project. A project that CCHQ knew Einy was taking part in.

This really could be another breakthrough for Conservative Future after electing current gay Chairman, Ben Howlett, twice since 2010. Shah is female and non-white. You never know, all this might teach a thing or two to some government MP's in Westminster about Britain today.

Some of whom by the way are still set against freedom and liberty by actively seeking the dissolution of the same-sex marriage bill and aligning themselves with an institution that believes the Earth was made in 7 days. Or planning on introducing hypocritical public internet data storage legislation.

CF need a leader whom believes government shouldn't tell people what they can and can't do if it's not infringing anybodys' freedom, liberty or safety. If Einy or any other candidate demonstrates the four simple libertarian principles stated on this websites' banner, they may well receive tbg.'s backing for the top job.

Our generation is up against it, socially and economically. Let's turn CF into something one Tory MP hates most, multi-cultural crap.