Car-Booty to fund NHS.

Tory MP for North Tees' Stockton South, James Wharton, has embraced the idea that key NHS services could be funded by car-boot sales. The MP astonishingly praised the idea as "innovative".

Wharton was in agreement with North Tees trust hospital commercial director, Kevin Oxley, that car-boot sales at NHS hospital car parks were an "imaginative" way to raise extra funds for key services.

The 28 year old MP for the North Tee constituency told the Evening Gazette:

"Firstly, I think it is a positive thing that the hospital is looking at doing whatever it can to bring more money into the services it can provide. It’s welcome that they are looking at additional and innovative ways of raising more funds".

tbg. realises that Wharton is only 28 but surely he's heard of a car-boot sale before? And even so, really? A car-boot sale? Does North Tees NHS trust owe 90 quid?