Cable in leadership bid.

With Cleggers almost certain to stand down soon to become a euro commissioner Vince Cable has this weekend sounded out his ambitions to be next Lib Dem Leader.

The Business Secretary has told the FT that "the worship of youth in politics has diminished in recent years" and that its time for a change.

Me thinks that Cable is trying to take advantage of his high profile spats with the tory right once again.

In 2010, despite claiming to be pro-business he attacked bankers bonuses paid to 'city spivs' and a year later said he would not provide cover for 'ideological descendents of those who sent children up chimney's' before learning that it was a tory government that outlawed it in 1864.

The 69 year old should spare a thought for the last time the Lib Dems opted fo an elder statesman.

Ironically though, it was Cleggers of all people who persuaded Cable he was too old for the role five years ago so goodness only knows what our sandal loving friends think now?