Boris ahead in new Tory poll.

Seems as though the Conservatives have seen the light in their shining star.

The London Mayor who was spotted earlier at beach volleyball in Horse Guards Parade has emerged as a strong favourite amongst party members to succeed Dave according to ConservativeHome.

32% of 1,419 members polled back Boris, 24% back William Hague, 19% favour Michael Gove, yet just 2% favour George Osborne.

|tbg. life| Skeptik | The world through his eyes.

tbg. is getting down onto street level this week and interviewing one of the UK's most fresh and up'n'coming talents' Skeptik.

Skeptik enjoys making his feelings known through the medium of music, more precisely, Rap. tbg. will be getting some enlightening and controversial stuff. Play the video, have a listen.

Einy Shah says it's a maybe.

Last week tbg. reported that a female candidate is considering a bid for Conservative Future (CF) Chairman. Today tbg. can exclusively reveal that top CF'er and former Deputy Chairman of the Tory youth wing in London, and slightly controversial, Einy Shah, has told tbg. that a bid for Chairman "maybe" about to occur for the 2013 elections.

Einy caused a stir in 2010 after being accused of causing 'criminal damage', pretty rock'n'roll stuff if it wasn't the fact that it was actually part of a Channel 4 Olympic legacy project. A project that CCHQ knew Einy was taking part in.

This really could be another breakthrough for Conservative Future after electing current gay Chairman, Ben Howlett, twice since 2010. Shah is female and non-white. You never know, all this might teach a thing or two to some government MP's in Westminster about Britain today.

Some of whom by the way are still set against freedom and liberty by actively seeking the dissolution of the same-sex marriage bill and aligning themselves with an institution that believes the Earth was made in 7 days. Or planning on introducing hypocritical public internet data storage legislation.

CF need a leader whom believes government shouldn't tell people what they can and can't do if it's not infringing anybodys' freedom, liberty or safety. If Einy or any other candidate demonstrates the four simple libertarian principles stated on this websites' banner, they may well receive tbg.'s backing for the top job.

Our generation is up against it, socially and economically. Let's turn CF into something one Tory MP hates most, multi-cultural crap.

Howlett hails Olympics.

Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, has hailed the Olympic Games as a massive opportunity for the United Kingdom. In an article on ConservativeHome Howlett says this is the time to "ignite the flames of economic growth and social opportunity".

The CF Chairman called on the Government to seize the day and grab this chance to sell UK PLC and get the economy growing.

tbg. couldn't agree more. This is a fantastic event that will set many imaginations alight and inspire the nation. And is a real money spinner if we play our cards right.

Howlett said: "Tonight the eyes of the world will be watching as the Olympic Flame soaring above London is lit. There is no better time for a spark to ignite the flames of economic growth and social opportunity. This Government has the chance to use this opportunity to sell Britain PLC and improve the lives of generations.

The Olympics can and should provide the confidence that will underpin the revitalisation of the economy. With the world focused on Britain, the Government can use this opportunity to remind everyone that we are a great investment opportunity"

Prime Minister in waiting.

Boris last night proved why he's such a racing certainty to be next Prime Minister.

At the end of a long day for the Olympic Torch Relay the London Mayor hit out at the cynics including Mitt Romney, declared London the greatest place on earth and declared that Olympomania would sweep the city over the coming days.

It really was Boris at his best and had journalists praising him from all directions and even trending on twitter.

One even said that far from counting down to the games, many must now be counting down to when one day this wonderfully vibrant and colourful figure is Prime Minister.

Lib-Dem defects to Tories.

Cambridgeshire (SCDC) Councillor Lynda Harford is said to be leaving the Liberal Democrats for the Conservative Party in what the Lib-Dems have called a "devastating blow to the group".

Lynda stated that the Conservatives have more influence and are more likely to get elected.

Now "three quarters" of Labours sickies "can work".

Seventy five per cent of people on sickness benefits under the last Labour Government can work.

That's the startling statistic that comes out of the latest government crackdown.

The findings will intensify anger and resentment felt by many people at Britain's soaring welfare bill.

Out of all of the people given the official health test in the 2010-2011 tax year 55 per cent were told that they were no longer entitled to the benefit and 20 per cent were told that they could work with support.

Chris Grayling told the Daily Express that it is right to help people back to work rather than leave them stranded on benefits.

Scotland to legalise gay marriage.

A victory for civil liberties today. SNP ministers in Edinburgh have announced that a bill for gay marriage will be brought forward and that ceremonies could start taking place as soon as 2015.

The announcement has been strongly opposed by the Catholic Church and Church of Scotland labeling the move, "a dangerous social experiment".

No religious organisation will have to conduct same-sex marriages. SNP will work with the UK government as the equality act may need amending for the protection of individual celebrants taking a different view from the religious body that they belong to.

The law will also protect religions from legal or disciplinary action if they refuse to take part or speak out against same-sex ceremonies.

Tom French, policy co-ordinator for the Equality Network, said: "Same-sex marriage is about equality and freedom - the freedom for couples, and religious and humanist groups that want to, to celebrate same-sex marriages, but equally, upholding the freedom of other religious groups to say no to same-sex marriages".

Re-shuffle rumours as economy takes big blow.

There's heated speculation in Westminster this afternoon that some kind of cabinet re-shuffle could be imminent the economy shrank by 0.7% in the last quarter. Britain is now in its longest period of economic stagnation on record.

Guido Fawkes is pretty adament that if George Osborne is to stay then his job as a tory strategist must have to go but Roger Helmer has heard that Osborne may well be off anyway and that Vince Cable may be the man to replace him.

If that does turn out to be the case then past rebellions from the tories in this Parliament will be a drop in the ocean compared to this.

Unions backdown.

Union PCS has backed-down over plans to strike during the Olympics after the government had said it'd take legal action to prevent the deeply unpopular strike from happening.

The union claims the government made concessions offering to create hundreds of new jobs. The union claimed that this was 'making progress' and enough to call the strike off.

The Home Office denies making any concessions to PCS.

Booze tax probable in Notts.

Nottingham police have called for a 'booze tax' to be introduced in Nottingham to pay for the extra policing costs in the early-hours when they say most incidents occur.

The Late Night Levy is due to go before Parliament in October and it will be up to individual local licensing authorities whether they apply it or not. The Levy will be set on band basis between £299 and up to £4,440 a year on any business that sells alcohol between midnight and 6am. 70% of funds raised by the tax go to the police and 30% will go to the local authority.

Currently around 20 pubs in the Notts region close every day and businesses say they will have to pass the extra cost on to customers.

This is Nottingham quotes a spokesperson from JD Weatherspoons as saying - "We do not believe that we should pay a late night levy. Wetherspoon pays hundreds of millions of pounds in tax and rates".

Labour Councillor, Alex Norris, said - "Our two primary concerns are, firstly, to make sure our city is safe at night and secondly, that we protect local businesses and jobs," he said".

How enlightening Mr Norris.

Dom in CF Chairman bid.

Last years candidate for Conservative Future Chairman, Dominic McDonough, is said to be 'seriously considering' a second bid for the top job in the Tory youth movement, tbg. can exclusively reveal.

tbg. reported at midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning that a female candidate was set to launch a bid as well as someone else with links to YBF.

CF'er McDonough, who has strong links to the Young Britons' Foundation (YBF), is said to currently be in an unofficial early campaign mode and "testing the waters" to see if a bid was viable.

tbg. can also exclusively reveal another candidate with YBF links will apparently stand for the position of deputy.

Red Ed left red faced.

Poor Ed Miliband.

The Labour Leader was at the Elysee Palace in Paris with socialist sidekick President Hollande yesterday whilst Blair, Brown, Major and DC were all lunching away on Salmon, Roast Duck and Trifle with The Queen at Downing Street.

You would think that given the pair have such simillar policies then each other's teams would at least, er, shall we say , know each other.

Apparently not!

The Sun today reports that Red Ed's balding press chief Bob Roberts was mistaken by a french press snapper for the man himself!

Is our Vince getting too close to Red Ed?

Following his latest mutterings its emerged this morning that despite having to adhere to collective responsibility in The Cabinet Vince Cable has been privately praising Red Ed Miliband.

In a recent interview Our Vince called Red Ed an "able guy".

Quite a compliment.

There's even talk now that having Vince Cable as Leader of the Lib Dems at the next election could even be the price of a Lib-Lab coalition after the next election.

tbg. has learnt that this latest bout of social frienliness originates from a text message sent from Vince to Red Ed during the last party conference season when Vince called Red Ed's speech, "one of the best arguments for social democracy made in years".

Perhaps if Mr Cable really did believe in democracy he would concentrate on the job in hand rather than mere futuristic speculation.

Boris rocks the Opera House.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson had the Royal Opera House in raptures when he recited a poem in English and ancient Greek to welcome the Olympic movement to London.

Boris received loud applause, whistles and cheers after he recited the ancient greek toned poem which apparently contained puns on athletes names.

The poem, or ode, was created especially for the occasion by Oxford academic, Dr Armand D'Angour, after Boris said it'd be a good idea.

Son of Blair.

Euan Blair wants to be an MP.

The 28 year old graduate is said to be fast seeking a public scetor post so as to 'build some Labour credentials.'

The idea has the backing of mum Cherie but father Tony is keeping quiet.

Hardly surprising given that Euan recently got endorsed by Gordon Brown's former chief plotter Tom Watson.

Former PM Blair will be dissapointed to hear that according to today's ICM poll for The Guardian not only is Labour's lead down to just five points but when asked how people would vote in a General Election if crony Tony was leader again, Labour support FELL by 3%.

CF election rumours.

Youth-wing of the Conservative Party, Conservative Future, have some elections on the horizon. It is rumoured CF already have four contenders vying for the position of Chairman.

Long term activist and former campaign manager to current chairman Ben Howlett, Peter Smallwood, is said to be considering running.

Also rumoured by a confidential source, tbg. can reveal current Best Practice Officer James Deighton maybe well be considering a bid. James has been a member of the party since he was 18 when he joined at the University of Leicester freshers fair.

tbg. understands that a third candidate maybe planning to launch a surprise bid in the next few weeks to break the male dominated role and shatter that glass ceiling.

Information on a fourth rumoured candidate ironically occurred shortly after tbg. was told a couple of weeks ago by a confidential source that YBF was pretty much dead in CF now...

FOLLOW UP ARTICLE #1 - "Dom in CF Chairman bid."

FOLLOW UP ARTICLE #2 - "Einy Shah says it's a maybe."

Tony says sorry.

Tony Blair kept his comeback dream on track last night by saying sorry and admitting responsibility for Britain's wrecked economy.

In another warning to current Labour Leader Ed Miliband who wants the powers of banks reigned in Mr. Blair said that a vibrant financial sector was important for the UK economic recovery.

The former PM said that Labour's big mistake was that it failed to get to grips with banking globalisation.

Seems to me that the plot is really on.

If I was 'Son of Brown' Red Ed I would watching my back closely this summer.

What will Gordon Brown think though?

So much for being Tony's Iron Chancellor!

+UPDATE 09:56+
HICKEY @ Daily Express is reporting that Blair is to have lunch with The Queen, David Cameron, Sir John Major AND Gordon Brown tomorrow. Should be very interesting!

+UPDATE 22:44+
Blair interview in Tuesdays' (24 July) Telegraph. "Blair launches a defence of the free market and liberal economic rules established by the Thatcher government".

Swann rallies UKIP troops.

Former Tory youth Executive member, Alexadnra Swann, made her speech at the UKIP South-East Conference yesterday on how to get Tories to defect.

Swann says that over 400 people turned up, mostly "in their 20's & 30's". Swann seems to have has the idea that UKIP policies are actually Conservative policies drawing on experience with her, "two friends (Andre and Peterkin) who are both Conservatives yet highly disillusioned by this 'Conservative-led' government".

Swann continues to share her experience: "I worked through traditional Conservative principles of individual sovereignty, low taxation, small government, defence, selective education, supporting the economy by reducing regulation and excessive business taxes, protecting the City of London from attacks from Brussels. To highlight that in all of these areas my friends, Conservatives, believe with UKIP policies – the same policies that were once Conservative.

As I repeated as the punch line yesterday: My friends believe this, most Conservatives believe this, Mr Cameron does not"

From the list Swann provides, surely its just the EU thing they've got to go on - "protecting the City of London from attacks from Brussels and principles of individual sovereignty". Everything else is being tackled by this government, which is a Coalition. Defence is suffering cuts as most departments bar NHS & International Development.

In any case Britain has grown up from the 1950's style conservatism UKIP are trying to sell. For example, to even use the words "selective education" in 21st century Britain is asking for what would probably be very damaging attacks of modern day child Apartheid from the Left. Dramatised yes, yet with seems of truth if things were taken too far as history shows. So it's then hard to argue you're not actually evil, then everyone gets dragged into a row about something that isn't about education anymore.

Grammar schools are great but they're scarce, not everyone capable would get to go to one and to embark on a building program now would be un-affordable. There are ways of delivering education to children in state schools by streaming/setting from an early age so those who can achieve are excelled and do so, and those who struggle get the help and support they need and work at a suitable pace in a different class.

Education guidelines need to change too, i.e National Curriculum. As does the way children are taught, which seems to be only how to pass an exam and not receiving a thoughtful & rounded education. This Government have gone some way with the Free Schools initiative. This fresh policy allows local communities to set up schools to serve their children.

All this leads tbg. to believe that the only Tories that are going to be attracted by this UKIP malarkey are the ones who have a wasp in their arse about the EU or those who dream of Benny Hill being on TV every night.

Cable in leadership bid.

With Cleggers almost certain to stand down soon to become a euro commissioner Vince Cable has this weekend sounded out his ambitions to be next Lib Dem Leader.

The Business Secretary has told the FT that "the worship of youth in politics has diminished in recent years" and that its time for a change.

Me thinks that Cable is trying to take advantage of his high profile spats with the tory right once again.

In 2010, despite claiming to be pro-business he attacked bankers bonuses paid to 'city spivs' and a year later said he would not provide cover for 'ideological descendents of those who sent children up chimney's' before learning that it was a tory government that outlawed it in 1864.

The 69 year old should spare a thought for the last time the Lib Dems opted fo an elder statesman.

Ironically though, it was Cleggers of all people who persuaded Cable he was too old for the role five years ago so goodness only knows what our sandal loving friends think now?

Howlett on Lords reform.

Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, has spoken about Lords reform being a distraction in favour of 'stable government' 'til 2015 in todays Sunday Telegraph.

Howlett is quoted as saying:

"David Cameron is doing a good job 80-90% of the time. I would not want to be in his shoes, coping with Europe in turmoil, backbenchers causing trouble and the public’s trust in politicians very low."

"There have been problems particularly with communication. To state the obvious, the Budget wasn’t exactly great. The best solution to House of Lords reform is to have a wholly appointed second chamber, with the members selected by an independent appointments commission. The public does not want more elected politicians. We need an upper house crammed with expertise."

"I think David Cameron has changed a lot. In the last six months he has got better at listening and putting his hands up and admitting where he is wrong. It’s not a crime to be wrong."

tbg. expressed Howletts' sentiment in an article earlier this month.

Indeed the public do not want more elected politicians, they don't trust them. And having a second elected chamber would ruin the point of the House of Lords. Lets leave the Commons chamber to squabble and quip, sound-out buzz-words and have lively debate knowing all of their political futures are on the line and they could lose power at any moment. And lets keep the Lords as the experienced and wise chamber it always has been, and improve it on that basis one day.

Now get on with delivering some economic growth Mr Prime Minister.

UK to pay EU £350M extra.

The EU is set to increase its budget by £2.9 billion and take total EU spending to about £108.7 billion. The UK is expected to contribute £350 million.

Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris is co-founder of the "Fresh Start Group" which is a meeting of Euro-sceptic minds is quoted as saying:

"The case for reform is greater now than it has ever been. We are just about to increase the EU budget, and our part of that increase is £350 million.

That would pay a year’s basic salary to at least 18,500 Army privates, the average basic salary to more than 10,500 NHS-qualified nurses, or a year’s basic salary to around 12,500 police constables."

It is expected that the UK will vote against the measure, as will Sweden and the Netherlands. However, the majority vote will win on this occasion so Britain and its allies will not be able to block the move.

No doubt this will have the nation up in arms. And why not. We have a government trying to save money here there and everywhere, yet are having to shell out to failing nations, which quite honestly have debt figures that are out of this world, proper astronomical numbers, and by the way it's not possible to repay this with money that is borrowed. And now the EU want to increase spending. It's madness.

tbg. doesn't want to pay for un-elected EU officials gravy-train anymore.
Not quite sure tbg. wants to keep paying for the elected ones either. We must stop throwing money at a dead horse.

Murdoch resigns.

Rupert Murdoch isn't a stupid or evil man, he's a business man. And after scandals have made him close the UKs' most popular Sunday publication, News of the World, Rupert Murdoch has resigned his directorships in companies that control The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

It raises speculation that Murdoch seriously recognises the damage that has been caused to News International due to its huge failures, unethical work practices and probable lack of respect for the law under his teneor and is about to sell-off his newspapers.

A spokeswoman for Rupert Murdoch said that it was, "nothing more than a corporate housecleaning exercise", as restructuring was announced last month that is to split News Corporation in two separate groups.

This news comes when earlier this week The Hansard Society published its annual audit of 'Political Engagement' in the media and politics. It's quite a hefty piece of online literature, but very interesting if you have time this Sunday. Here's a couple of interesting graphics from the audit tbg. found:

Did Rupert Murdoch need to see these figures, one suspects he was already very much aware as his actions are suggesting.

YCRG launched.

The Young Conservative Reform Group was launched recently and has attracted some interest.

Robert Hainault, Economics columnist for Not So Reviews, has written an article on gossitory that says the group "isn’t a step, it’s a leap in the right direction".

Robert writes: "We are still told by the state what we can and cannot put into our bodies, and the things we are still allowed to consume are covered with propaganda. You must not drink more than x. Smoking will make you y. We live in an age of prohibitions.

The plain packaging for cigarettes movement is gathering speed. What next – plain bottles of wine and cans of lager? People scoff, but it’s far less ridiculous than a pasty tax!"

Indeed this is no scoffing matter. tbg. fully believes that the fascist nanny state movement, we cant seem to shake off, will not only stop at plain packaging for alcohol and cigarettes but an all out ban will succeed such silly faffing around.

The problem is that by this point a public majority will probably generally accept that this will be a good idea and make for a better society (eg smoking ban) after being bamboozled by article after news report after article of scare stories. Of course the health questions and debates actually miss the point completely as to why Conservative Libertarians and Liberals alike oppose such despot regime like legislation. It's when they bring the children and the unborn into it tbg. hates most.

Of course we must be aware and informed of what is (actually) bad for us, but not piled with stories about all sorts of things causing cancer when in actual fact, they don't. And to also not be persecuted for our lifestyle choices in a free, liberal-tory-like democracy.

You can get involved with YCRG here.

Passmore Pye for my fingers.

Tories in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough have selected their candidates for Police Commissioner.

John Pye has been selected as the Tory candidate for police commissioner in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough. As council leader Tim Passmore was selcted in Suffolk to run in the county’s first ever police and crime commissioner election this coming November.

John Pye is currently tied to the Cambridgeshire Police Authority which is soon to be de-commissioned. Pye is also a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies and a trustee of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Tim Passmore, councillor since 2003, was appointed in 2010 chief executive at the private-public sector partnership, "Choose Suffolk", which works to boost investment, tourism and such like in Suffolk.

Osbornes' strike fury.

Chancellor George Osborne is reported to be "furious" about the unions deliberate attempt to cause chaos at the London Olympic games and has called for new legislation to stop, or at least make it much more difficult for the union barons to call for strike action.

Without doubt the strike on July 26 has been arranged at a time to cause as much disruption as possible when visitors, officials and competitors flood into Heathrow just twenty-four hours before the opening ceremony.

The Daily Mail also reports that Osborne "is now pushing for immediate legislation to impose a minimum turnout, possibly 40 per cent, on strike ballots in order to protect the economy.

The law, which could be introduced as early as September, would prevent union barons calling damaging strikes without the support of most ordinary members."

With only 20% of membership taking part and in this particular instance, 57% of that 20% voted to strike, it really does put the spotlight on the small left-wing militant minority that are holding this nation to ransom yet again. And this time threatening our international reputation.

Boris hits out at Unions.

After slapping down the cynics of London 2012 earlier today, Boris Johnson tonight weighed into the union barons set to bring chaos to the capital.

In an interview with the Evening Standard Mayor Johnson called the actions of the PCS and ASLEF unions "absurd", accused the leaders of "exploiting the Olympics for political ends" and said that their attempts to hold London to ransom showed how strike laws "urgently" needed reform.

Home Secretary Theresa May has also weighed in by pleaing with union members to ignore their "irresponsible" leaders.

UKIP plan to poach Tories.

There's a UKIP Conference in the South East tomorrow (21 July), as if you didn't know.

During this conference there so happens to be a speech being made by former Conservative Future Executive member, Alexandra Swann.

Swann plans on enlightening the UKIP grassroots on how to get Tories on-side, because of course, she is the perfect candidate to speak on the issue after she skipped to UKIP earlier this year.

In an article on The Commentator today Swann said: "Today I am heading back to the UK by way of the Eurostar, tomorrow I will be speaking at the South East UKIP Conference in Frimley on the subject of targeting Tories to defect to us (as if we need to push them, given the sheer volume of Councillors seeing the light)".

Yeahh, should be dead easy.


Boris shuns Olympo-sceptics.

Mayor for London, Boris Johnson, has gone on the attack against what he calls "Olympo-Scepticism", as the Olympic torch reaches the nations capital and host of the 2012 Olympic games.

Boris says that we need typical British jitters and pessimism so we can legitimise the sense of "joy & exhilaration" we will all feel when the games get underway. Then proclaimed, "...Now the Sun is coming out in symbolic approval of what I'm saying".

During the interview on Sky News the Mayor was also encouraging Bakers to display their pretzel Olympic rings, in response to a "brand-army" apparently going around shops and businesses in London claiming copyright on the London 2012 brand.

Boris just gets better and better.

FOLLOW UP ARTCLE #1 - "Boris hits out at Unions"

FOLLOW UP ARTCLE #2 - "Boris rocks the Oper House"

The disgraceful Unions.

So, thousands of Public and Commercial Services Union Home Office staff will strike the day before the Olympics open and train drivers union Aslef have scheduled industrial action affecting East Midlands Trains during the Olympics.

This is nothing short of a disgraceful and unpatriotic state of affairs.

Which is why today I call upon Labour Leader Ed Miliband to cut ties with these left wing unions.

During the Olympics the eyes of the world will be on London.

The fact of the matter is that as Britain continues to recover from the complete economic mess Labour left behind instead of supporting the measures taken by the government so as to keep interest rates low for homeowners and businesses alike all these unions seem interested in doing is causing more and more disruption for the hard working and tax paying citizens who's money is paying for the games in the first place.

Rather than let left wing loonies hold us all to ransom I say we need to all stand up tall, be proud of our country, be proud of our economic recovery and ban strikes right across public services completely.

If Ed Miliband had any decency he would pay back the money given to his party by these unions since he was elected, condemn the action unequivically, and refuse to share any type of platform with theses left wing marxist union wreckers.

Comm's data bill hypocrisy.

The Government today says it wants to create a huge citizen search engine for law enforcement agencies to use in their fight against serious and organised crime. The search engine will be able to pull and pick out any individuals data that has been retained which include details of messages sent on social media, voice calls over the internet and gaming, webmail, emails and phone calls.

It is indeed the most hypocritical moment of the Coalitions time in power. After opposing Labour's Communications Bill in 2009, and promising to reclaim civil liberties weathered and worn away by the previous Labour government.

It is a hugely worrying development for many Tories and Liberal Democrats. In his 2010 'Invitation to Join the Government of Great Britain", David Cameron clearly pledged to restore civil liberties:

"We will scale back Labour’s database state and protect the privacy of the public’s information. Labour have subjected Britain’s historic freedoms to unprecedented attack. They have trampled on liberties and, in their place, compiled huge databases to track the activities of millions of perfectly innocent people, giving public bodies extraordinary powers to intervene in the way we live our lives.

The impact of this has been profound and far-reaching. Trust has been replaced by suspicion. The database state is a poor substitute for the human judgement essential to the delivery of public services. Worse than that, it gives people false comfort that an infallible central state is looking after their best interests. But the many scandals of lost data, leaked documents and database failures have put millions at risk. It is time for a new approach to protecting our liberty."

The Government is shamefully undermining an individual's right to privacy under Article 8 of the European Charter of Human Rights - their actions may not be lawful.

But how can we trust such a regime as the EU to protect us? In 2007 new EU Regulations require telecommunication companies to store communications data for fixed and mobile telephones for 12 months. These regulations were to be extended to internet data, proposing the same time-frame for retention.

Member States were required to make these regulations national law no later than September 2007. However, most Member States, including the UK, took advantage of the right to postpone the application of the directive to internet access, email and voice calls over the 'Net. So, it seems the directive originated in the EU, probably by some peoples you or I have never seen nor heard, never mind voted for.

It seems we are all in need of a real maverick.

Is Red Ed about to move further to the left?

Never mind the private investment put in that the state could never afford.

There's a strong rumour doing the rounds that the Labour Policy Review is about to recommend making renationalisation of the railways party policy once again.

For some strange reason the rumour comes hours after a tabloid newspaper reports that Red Ed is pushing to allow the RMT back into the fold.

So much for Red Ed taking Tony Blair's advice "not to let Labour become a party of protest again."

The plot is starting to thicken!

More good economic figures.

More good news on the economic front out today that will also go down very well for those of us crying out for a referendum on the EU.

Over 200,000 private sector jobs were created in the last quarter, UK 10 year gilt yields fell below US 10 year gilt yields today, and the three months to May 2012 saw NON-EU exports of goods exceeding those to the union by 1.5 per cent. According to CEBR its the first time they have done so for a whole quarter since the early 1970s.

The news comes on the same day as the Government unveiled a new £50bn 'UK Guarantees' scheme to dramatically accelerate infrastructure investment and provide major support to UK exporters.

Farage in Eastleigh bid.

tbg. reported this past Sunday that UKIP leader Nigel Farage hinted he was interested in Lib Dem MP Chris Hunes' seat of Eastleigh, when he didn't rule out standing whilst on a walkabout in the town. Farage has now given the strongest hint yet that he indeed will run in a by-election if the seat becomes vacant.

Farage is reported to have today said: "I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with Chris Huhne’s case but if Chris is found not to have told the truth then it is clear that his position as MP for this town will be untenable. So we face the prospect perhaps of an Eastleigh by-election – it could happen in October or November this year, perhaps spring next year but be assured if and when there is an election we will give it everything we have got."

As Farage is the only thing UKIP have got, tbg. expects him to run if the seat does become available.

Osborne: 'UK Guarantees'.

George Osborne has hailed the Government for its hard work in gaining its fiscal credibility and announced today that the It will be able to underwrite £50bn of investment in infrastructure in the UK.

HM Treasury says it will, "dramatically accelerate major infrastructure investment and provide major support to UK exporters". Some of the sectors that are set to benefit include oil and gas extraction, transport, aerospace, telecommunications infrastructure and hospital construction.

Mr Osborne said the credibility the Government has earned through tackling the deficit is keeping the cost of borrowing down for families and business.

"...'UK Guarantees' will use that hard won fiscal credibility to provide public guarantees of up to £50bn of private investment in infrastructure and exports. Britain's credibility has been hard won and involved difficult decisions, so I want to make sure its benefits are passed on to the whole economy", said Chancellor Osborne.

The Treasury also says that applications open today for UK Guarantees so that critical infrastructure projects that may have stalled because of credit conditions can get started as soon as possible.

For more information from HM Treasury about 'UK Gurantees' visit this link.

Time for closer scrutiny of Mr. Brown?

So, despite his incredibly poor participation at all levels in parliament we now know that Gordon Brown claimed £114,998.17 in addition to his parliamentary allowances for being a former Prime Minister.

In order to prove that claims are being used to support genuine public and charitable work and not to subsidise former politicians like Mr. Brown as they cash-in on lucrative lecture tours and directorships, surely these claims should be opened up to scrutiny. The public have a right to be concerned that he is claiming both parliamentary and public duties allowances.

MPs’ expenses have properly been put under the microscope. I believe that this scrutiny should be extended to the public duties allowance as well.

Unemployment falls.

Following tbg.'s Jeff Brookers article yesterday about inflation & unemployment falling stating that Britain is on the right track, figures released today show unemployment fell again by 65,000 to 2.58m in the three months to May. And the number of people claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance increased by 6,100 according to the Office for National Statistics.

Other figures showed there were 9.21 million economically inactive people aged from 16 to 64, that is down 61,000 on the quarter.

These are encouraging figures for the Government who seemed to have weathered the storm of the 'double-dip' recession and coming out the other side - not quite smelling of roses just yet. Though, their fate and ours may not be something that's in our own hands.

Britain is on the right track.

So, the annual inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Prices Index fell to 2.4% in June, from 2.8% in May and unemployment in the UK now stands at 2.65 million, following a decrease of 35,000 in the three months to February 2012.

How nice to hear that once again the Conservatives are starting to get the British economy back on track.

It just proves that whilst Labour have always had the mantle of wrecking the economy, the Conservatives certainly know how to get it back on track.

When Lady Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979, Britain was left in a mess of industrial strife caused by the Winter of Discontent and an economy ravaged by high interest rates far higher than those seen on or before White Wednesday caused, not by the strength or weaknesses on the foreign exchange markets, but by high levels of borrowing that led to Britain at one stage themselves having to go cap-in-hand to the International Monetary Fund just like we are seeing in Greece at the moment.

Yet thanks to Lady Thatcher's trades union reforms in the 1980s, even though we see strikes on a much smaller scale, Britain is a shadow of its old self and thanks to John Major withdrawing Britain from the ERM in October 1992 we now have the power through an independent governor to set our own interest rates which is something we would not have were we in The Euro.

Despite all of the doom and gloom we hear from left wing media, were people to look more closely at the economic situation in Britain they would see a country at a turning point because whilst the public sector is quite rightly being trimmed, private sector employment is on the up, the number of people in overall employment since the election is up, and thanks to the clampdown, the number claiming sickness benefits is sharply down.

So far from the old socialist regime we all endured under Brown, Balls and Miliband, where most job creation then was in the public sector at the public expense, what we are now fast seeing is our country at a turning point with more private sector employment providing more public sector receipts thus sending out a message to our international competitors that Britain is back in business, low interest rates are here to stay, and that the only way this can continue is by having less red tape, less bureaucracy, and in the long term lower taxes and business rates for everyone.

Occupy Bohemian Grove.

Protest movement Occupy are doing what they do best at this years Bohemian Grove event. Bohemian Grove has long been central to conspiracy theorist arguments in regard to an organised world agenda by the ruling class.

It is where the rich and powerful meet and share each others company but only those allowed inside the group know what is discussed. It's labeled as a secret society, it isn't all that secret but frighteningly confidential.

Every year, CEOs, media moguls and high-level politicians 'hang-out' at the secluded camp and this year, protesters gathered outside the property to demonstrate against what they say are meetings in order to eliminate democracy and civil liberties.

Taking part is Dr. Peter Phillips of Project Censored. He has been quoted as saying, "Less than a mile from us there are millionaires, billionaires, people who control the world, control the central banks, build nuclear weapons. This is their summer playground".

Dr. Phillips spent three days on the inside of the Grove once-upon-a-time, but now he protests that the public has a right to know what is happening inside the Grove.

Here's Wikipedias' description of Bohemian Grove: "Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private San Francisco-based men's art club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world."

Website Infowars apparently had a hidden camera in there one year and have released it on DVD. However, through the wonders on the internet you can watch on YouTube. This is the blurb to the film, "Jones' Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove documented the first ever hidden camera incursion into the Grove and the bizzare pagan ritual, the Cremation of Care, practiced by its members, all men, including both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissenger to name but a few"

Shapps in Twitter storm.

Welwyn Hatfield MP, Grant Shapps, has been accused of using a "robot" to gain Twitter followers tbg. can reveal.

Top left-wing political blog Political Scrapbook has reported that, "it appears that minister Grant Shapps may be trying to pull the oldest trick in the book: repeatedly following and unfollowing other users in a lame attempt to boost their own numbers".

Political Scrapbook claimed as they were writing the article Shapps had managed to take time out of his busy schedule to follow even more people on the social networking site.

tbg. thinks the Minister for Housing & Local Governments' "robot" might be an unpaid intern or secretary working on the grindstone that is Twitter.

As one Twitter user put it, "He (Shapps) has followed me three times now. He soon unfollows me though. Unlike some politicians, I suspect Shapps is not hands-on with his account. Some young one in his office looks at followers of others and follows these people".

UPDATE 11:26.
#shappsfollowedme is now trending on Twitter.

UPDATE: 12:33.

+UPDATE+ 20/JULY/2012 - 22:07
tbg. just received this.

Is Blair plotting a comeback?

Last week tbg. reported that Tony Blair is to make a comeback within the Labour Party albeit as an advisor for a policy review.

I firmly believe that this is just the start of something big.

Even though Ed Miliband did fair well in the recent local elections, privately Labour strategists fear he is failing to make ground in areas where Tony Blair did.

Another major problem that Red Ed has had to contend with has been his close links with the unions and the fact that the vast majority of Labour's funding comes from the trades union barons.

Yet despite this guests paid £500 to attend a Labour sports dinner hosted by the likes of Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand and Sir Alex Ferguson recently.

It may not have been in the same league as the sort of fund raising that was so successful in the run-up to Labour's 1997 landslide but it was a start and if I were Ed Miliband, far from being happy to have Tony Blair back on board not only would I be very worried about the baggage he carries from the Iraq War but I would also be watching over my back very, very closely.

Let's not forget that this is the same Tony Blair who only last year admitted for the first time that the Labour Party "lost the driving rhythm" which underpinned its success before Gordon Brown succeeded him, the same Tony Blair who suggested his party lost its focus on the political "centre ground" and "stopped acting as New Labour" when he stepped down, and the same Tony Blair who, in a speech to the Progress Group in London recently, urged Ed Miliband not to let Labour become simply a "party of protest" again by saying that "parties of the left have a genetic tendency, deep in their DNA, to cling to the analysis that they lose because the leadership is insufficiently committed to being left."

Blairites have long accused supporters of Gordon Brown of launching a coup in 2007 to force Mr Blair out while Brownites like Ed Miliband have claimed that Mr Blair reneged on an agreement to stand down much earlier.

If this is the case then why on earth are they working together?

Tony Blair may have said that he is unlikely to ever be Prime Minister again but he did say that he would like to and there are very many people in the Labour Party who would jump at such a chance.

Car-Booty to fund NHS.

Tory MP for North Tees' Stockton South, James Wharton, has embraced the idea that key NHS services could be funded by car-boot sales. The MP astonishingly praised the idea as "innovative".

Wharton was in agreement with North Tees trust hospital commercial director, Kevin Oxley, that car-boot sales at NHS hospital car parks were an "imaginative" way to raise extra funds for key services.

The 28 year old MP for the North Tee constituency told the Evening Gazette:

"Firstly, I think it is a positive thing that the hospital is looking at doing whatever it can to bring more money into the services it can provide. It’s welcome that they are looking at additional and innovative ways of raising more funds".

tbg. realises that Wharton is only 28 but surely he's heard of a car-boot sale before? And even so, really? A car-boot sale? Does North Tees NHS trust owe 90 quid?

DC must have EU debate.

Well done to David Cameron for raising the possibility of an EU Referendum during a meeting with President Hollande recently, well done former Defence Secretary Liam Fox who has recommended that the UK should leave the European Union unless there is a rebalancing of their relationship, and well done to all of the Conservative MPs who put their name to a recent call for a referendum on the EU .

For far too long far too many people have had their lives dictated to by unelected Brussels bureaucrats without having a say in a referendum and as Nigel Farage has pointed out on so many occasions, the British people are not stupid.

They understand the position and like me are sick of broken promises on European Referendums not least because of the decision of Tony Blair and the last Labour Government to change their mind on a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Seventy per cent of Conservative members want to cut ties with Brussels completely and eighty per cent want a referendum pledge in the next Conservative election manifesto.

When Britain originally signed up to the European Economic Community we were told that it would just be a single market trading zone not the dictat we currently get from Brussels. There has never been a better time for other EU members to mind their business.

Now is the right time to have a debate about whether to stay in or pull out?

People need to realise that the E.U. is nothing but a racket of bureaucracy, a base for meddlers, and a home for those who love to distort the truth all of their lives so as to jump on the gravy train for a rewarding retirement.

As a single nation we need to govern ourselves as far away as possible from the interference from the rest of the EU who clearly only want to push themselves further towards the kind of centralisation which is not in Britain's interests and far from Brussels bureaucrats and europhiles telling us that withdrawl would cost us trade and jobs one only has to look closely at the statistics and the truth is there to see because whilst our trade outside the E.U. is at record levels, our trade with E.U. member states continues to fall.

Therefore, nothing would be better at strengthening Britain's negotiating hand than to pass into law in this Parliament a binding commitment to a referendum because people deserve the truth, people deserve their freedom back, and above all, in order for Britain to get its economic freedom back, people deserve a referendum on withdrawing from the E.U. sooner rather than later.

Cameron and Clegg reaffirm.

David Cameron today reaffirmed his commitment to the Coalition and said, "I am even more committed to make this Coalition Government today than I was when Nick Clegg and I formed this Government in May 2010".

Cameron said he wouldn't bet against the Coalition still being together come the 2015 General Election. The Prime Minister also said that this Government has achieved things previous ones hadn't. David Cameron cited that they have halved the public sector pensions bill for the taxpayer saying, "That is something Labour didn’t achieve in 13 years, the Tories did not achieve in 17 years, these are big, difficult decisions".

The Prime Minister said he disagreed with those who said his relationship with Clegg was like a marriage in difficulty.

Nick Clegg also denied relations were as bad as are being made out saying they were two separate Parties and, "...He doesn’t agree with all of my opinions, and I don’t agree with all of his. That is being in Government. It was not always going to be a walk in the park or the rose garden. Of course there are bumps in the road in the Westminster village".

David Cameron also quipped that relations were not as bad as the last Labour Government when some ministers would refused to travel together.

Benefits cap is working.

Iain Duncan Smith (IDS), the Work and Pensions Secretary, says figures show that the cap, set to be in place by April 2013, has changed the behaviour of some welfare dependents.

Department for Work and Pensions figures show 1,700 claimants who would have been affected by the £26k benefits cap have gained work & employment. Up to 5,000 more have apparently suggested that they wanted help from department advisers to look for employment.

IDS said: "These figures show the benefit cap is already a success and is actively encouraging people back to work. We need a welfare state that acts as a safety net and encourages people back to work."

These figures will certainly embarrass Labour, who opposed the cap on benefits and were seemingly happy for British taxpayers to carry on footing the bill for people who see receiving benefits as a right, or way of life. IDS says Labour want to maintain a "culture of dependency".

tbg. would like to see the cap a few thousand lower than £26k. Maybe around £12k. In the real world, on the streets of Britain today, most people in work can only dream about earning 26k. Yet tbg knows of young single women, with children, on benefits who are quite comfortable and have one or two foreign holidays a year. This must come to an end.

No doubt this is a popular Tory policy, it should be taken further.

Farage delivers challenge.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has today delivered his challenge to the Prime Minister as revealed on tbg. yesterday. Farage wants to battle Cameron in a debate over whether or not the UK should have a referendum on EU membership.

Heres the letter delivered by hand today. He even calls the Prime Minister 'Dear'. Cute.

"Dear Prime Minister,

As you are well aware, the last time the people of this country were given a say on membership of the European Union was back in 1975.

This must have been a factor in your thinking when, in 2007, you gave a “cast-iron guarantee” to hold a referendum if you became Prime Minister. Since that promise, however, your message on the issue has been confusing and misleading.

You say the time is not right but refuse to clarify when the time will be right. You believe that leaving would not be in our best interests and an in/out referendum is flawed because it offers a “single choice”. In last week’s Sun poll, almost 70 per cent of voters said they would like a referendum. In the same poll, a clear majority said they would like to leave the EU and yet your plans would deny them that opportunity.

I believe the British people, along with many of your own backbench MPs, want and deserve a straight in/out choice in a referendum.

I propose a public debate between us where we can put our respective cases forward. My challenge to you is an open and honest one and I hope you will afford me, and the people of this country, a proper say on the matter.

Yours sincerely

Nigel Farage MEP Leader, UK Independence Party"

CF lavish nosh at Wisbech.

Conservative Future are planning a lavish, stomach stretching 6-course meal in Wisbech on Saturday 21 July.

Samantha Hoy, Regional Chair' of the Eastern Tory youth branch plans to load members up with much food and lashings of pricey wine, in what should be an experience in fine dining.

Hoy plans a "6 Course dinner with wine included. Comedian from Royal Variety Show and dancing 'til late. MP Stephen Barclay in attendance.

Cocktail Dress and Longue suit. £25 a head. Email to book".