Swann in muddy puddle.

Former Conservative Future National Executive, now proud U-KIPPER Alexandra Swann has seemed to offended Political Scrapbook, with a quite superb example of UKIP thought & theory. Swann says that; "...allowing people to vote on how other people’s money is spent — if they don't contribute — is dangerous".

London Spin reported that Political Scrapbook had turned on Swann and Columnist for The Telegraph, (before going on to produce the rubbish idea sarcastically) quite incredibly says, "Swann does have a point". The post by Robert Colvile states: "This is, in fact, the most convincing argument against the Lib Dems' (and now Tories') cherished ambition to take the low-paid out of tax. If you're not contributing (at least directly, rather than via VAT etc), you're more likely to vote for free-ride policies based on spending the taxes that other people are paying."

tBg is pretty sure low paid people still pay National Insurance, VAT and duty excise among others and don't yearn for "free-ride policies".

Unemployed people really are a burden on the welfare state, as the money they receive and spend is recycled and not new, thus not helping the economy a jot. However on a principled note, to not allow these people a vote stands against everything a democracy is about. On an actual ground-level practical note, it might be government that is causing these people to be unemployed.

Disabling unemployed people to change their situation via democratic political methods is in fact just plain stupid and would probably cause violence and create unemployed terrorists or something.

Very embarrassing for UKIP. Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, must be praising the stars above that Swann floated to the other boat.