Swann and The Botanist.

Alexandra Swann was back in London yesterday, to attend the Freedom Association’s event with former Tory MEP Roger Helmer, who defected to UKIP with her. Swann, who skipped to UKIP last month, labeled the Tories at her scarcely detailed lunch as "the enemy".

Swann met her "enemies" at The Botanist in Chelsea, which is thought to be a regular hang out for influential CF'er Patrick Sullivan. Although there is no proof suggesting the former CF National Campaigns Director and former Bow Group Officer, Sullivan, was there. It raises suspicions however that Swann has been forced to hang with her 'enemies' for fear of another game of Bingo or Bridge.

One CF'er told tBg - "The fact that Alexandra is still meeting up for lunch with members of the party she publicly betrayed speaks volumes about the social scene at UKIP, which could be considered lively if you like to play bingo and bowls in your spare time. Not a single one of the spineless cowards who encouraged her to chuck away a promising Conservative Party career have followed her over to UKIP."