Today is the day the online phenomenon KONY2012 is supposed to come to life, with Invisible Children activists plastering posters and KONY2012 art all around their neighborhoods. This is all in response to an online video revealing to many vile abuse of children by Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. This organisation creates child soldiers after having them murder their own parents and other family members among other nauseating, despicable and wicked human rights abuses.

There has been talk of it all being a con of course. However you dissect the campaign, the real story lies with whether an online video can inspire hundreds of thousands of human beings to take to the streets simultaneously in order to make Joseph Kony famous. And bring about action by governments to tackle these seemingly invisible conflicts.

If this campaign is about to do the unthinkable and people actually do take to the streets all over the world in towns and cities, we may well be ushering in a new world order. Which is why it'll probably fail and children will continue being abused by the sickening LRA. Though the year is 2012 and Invisible Children say they have 300,000 participants so tBg very much hopes it succeeds.

You can track the progress of the ambitious demonstration on the KONY2012 website and on Twitter - #coverthenight.