Today is the day the online phenomenon KONY2012 is supposed to come to life, with Invisible Children activists plastering posters and KONY2012 art all around their neighborhoods. This is all in response to an online video revealing to many vile abuse of children by Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. This organisation creates child soldiers after having them murder their own parents and other family members among other nauseating, despicable and wicked human rights abuses.

There has been talk of it all being a con of course. However you dissect the campaign, the real story lies with whether an online video can inspire hundreds of thousands of human beings to take to the streets simultaneously in order to make Joseph Kony famous. And bring about action by governments to tackle these seemingly invisible conflicts.

If this campaign is about to do the unthinkable and people actually do take to the streets all over the world in towns and cities, we may well be ushering in a new world order. Which is why it'll probably fail and children will continue being abused by the sickening LRA. Though the year is 2012 and Invisible Children say they have 300,000 participants so tBg very much hopes it succeeds.

You can track the progress of the ambitious demonstration on the KONY2012 website and on Twitter - #coverthenight.

East Midlands trump London and heed food call.

East Midlands Conservative Future have trumped the Boris Mayoral campaign, when it comes to the food on offer whilst working hard for votes. East Midlands CF is offering activists a FREE lavish Chinese buffet with all the trimmings. This is in stark contrast the the dietary options recently reported on this website on the London Mayoral campaign trial.

tBg was shocked and worried at the state of activists minds on the door step after being fed a diet of fizzy pop and chocolate by the Johnson team.

A representative for East Midlands Conservative Fuiture told tBg; "If activists turn up to the East Midlands Conservative Future Social Action day on Saturday 28th April, they can enjoy a well earnt chinese buffet, free of charge with many thanks to the regions Tory MEP Emma McClarkin".


Swann in muddy puddle.

Former Conservative Future National Executive, now proud U-KIPPER Alexandra Swann has seemed to offended Political Scrapbook, with a quite superb example of UKIP thought & theory. Swann says that; "...allowing people to vote on how other people’s money is spent — if they don't contribute — is dangerous".

London Spin reported that Political Scrapbook had turned on Swann and Columnist for The Telegraph, (before going on to produce the rubbish idea sarcastically) quite incredibly says, "Swann does have a point". The post by Robert Colvile states: "This is, in fact, the most convincing argument against the Lib Dems' (and now Tories') cherished ambition to take the low-paid out of tax. If you're not contributing (at least directly, rather than via VAT etc), you're more likely to vote for free-ride policies based on spending the taxes that other people are paying."

tBg is pretty sure low paid people still pay National Insurance, VAT and duty excise among others and don't yearn for "free-ride policies".

Unemployed people really are a burden on the welfare state, as the money they receive and spend is recycled and not new, thus not helping the economy a jot. However on a principled note, to not allow these people a vote stands against everything a democracy is about. On an actual ground-level practical note, it might be government that is causing these people to be unemployed.

Disabling unemployed people to change their situation via democratic political methods is in fact just plain stupid and would probably cause violence and create unemployed terrorists or something.

Very embarrassing for UKIP. Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, must be praising the stars above that Swann floated to the other boat.

Government lift millions of poor out of tax.

Britain has today seen its Personal Workers Tax Allowance reach £8,105, its highest ever level. This means you can earn up to that amount before you have to begin paying Income Tax.

The move and ongoing policy, heralded by Chancellor Osborne in his Budget 2010 and by The Guardian, headlining, "Income tax removed for lowest paid". Also in 2011 and this year, as the main event, as it will effect 24 million households. Osborne said Personal Tax Allowance will rise further to £9,205 next April, lifting millions of low paid people out of tax altogether.

Chloe Smith, the Treasury Economic Secretary, said: "The Government's actions mean that from the beginning of the new tax year, 24 million households will be £6.50 a week better off. We're taking millions out of tax altogether by raising the personal allowance, which will put up to £126 cash back in people's pockets.

The need to tackle the huge deficit means we have had to take tough decisions, such as on tax credits. But we've taken those decisions in the fairest way possible, meaning more than 15 times as many people gain rather than lose from this week's changes." (Source.)

The Coalition hope to reach their target of raising the Personal Tax Allowance to £10,000 by the end of the Parliament.

Activists need food.

There is concern tonight about the current CF diet whilst on the Mayoral campaign trail. CF activists are being fed a barrage of chocolate and fizzy pop (pictured above).

The campaign dietary options on offer are thought to be that bad it is effecting some members brain function whilst on the doorstep. Those feeling the effects of a refined sugar-based diet have forgotten Boris' policies on the door step and digressed into talk of last nights Apprentice and Aubergines.

One CF'er, Ronaldno McDoonald, told tBg: "I'm so embarrassed, I thought the lady got fired. Aubergine toothpaste is a silly idea anyway."

Dear O' Dear.

Keep up the good work! ;)

Swann and The Botanist.

Alexandra Swann was back in London yesterday, to attend the Freedom Association’s event with former Tory MEP Roger Helmer, who defected to UKIP with her. Swann, who skipped to UKIP last month, labeled the Tories at her scarcely detailed lunch as "the enemy".

Swann met her "enemies" at The Botanist in Chelsea, which is thought to be a regular hang out for influential CF'er Patrick Sullivan. Although there is no proof suggesting the former CF National Campaigns Director and former Bow Group Officer, Sullivan, was there. It raises suspicions however that Swann has been forced to hang with her 'enemies' for fear of another game of Bingo or Bridge.

One CF'er told tBg - "The fact that Alexandra is still meeting up for lunch with members of the party she publicly betrayed speaks volumes about the social scene at UKIP, which could be considered lively if you like to play bingo and bowls in your spare time. Not a single one of the spineless cowards who encouraged her to chuck away a promising Conservative Party career have followed her over to UKIP."

Shapland in Tory April fool.

Former Liberal Youth leader, Martin Shapland today joined the Tory Party in a Statement on his blog. April fool! Oh, pretty shit isn't it. Well, he's probably drunk and you know what they say about telling the truth when drunk, or jokes always have hint of truth...

Though a thoroughly awful April Fool tinted with seeming truth, Shapland does make a point on media handling. Which has definitely been on the slide since the big two men, Steve Hilton and Andrew Coulson, have moved on. Making for awful poll results recently.

Shapland has been in the tBg headlines before after racism jibes towards Conservative Future.