Swann in UKIP skip.

Former CF National Executive Deputy Chairman and close aide to Tory youth Chair' Ben Howlett, Alexandra Swann, and declared herself a UKIP supporter. Sources says Swann was positively skipping about the room in a "Disney like state" when speaking about UKIP leader Michael (or Nigel?) Farage.

Swann is a former National Executive member at Conservative Future and is heavily involved with current Chairman Ben Howlett. This must be a very embarrassing moment for the Tory Party but more so for Ben Howlett. Swann also did various Commons odd jobs for David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale.

UKIP bound Swann says: "I have been a libertarian for a long time... But I don't know if I have ever been a true Conservative. UKIP is more along the lines I believe in. Because of the coalition, the Conservative Party is in a difficult position. There are a lot of un-Conservative policies." When asked what she thought of Nigel Farage, Swann said: "I think he is fantastic." Source: Guardian.

tBg thinks she must have had a serious lapse in judgement on International politics and multiculturalism at home. tBg recommends Swann should begin having a high in-take of fruit, veg and oily fish for more lucid brain function.