Vote Stephen Hoffman Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (political).

tBg is backing Stephen Hoffman to become the next Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political).

tBg has been impressed with Stephens passion and ideals for not only a better CF, but a better world. His website is a fabulous piece of artistry. Hoffman has stated clearly that he believes CF to be far too London-centric. In his campaign video he reels off city after city that do not have such events that go on in London.

Today gossiptory spoke about how membership means nothing if it is not active. Stephen, a Leeds University student, knows that this is indeed much the case up and down the country. The highly cultural website states, "There’s no doubt about it, membership is important. However candidates should come up with ideas and ways to engage these 15,000 so-called members and get them out on the street knocking on doors or at the bar at a CF social.

It’s all well and good increasing paid membership (the money will do us good) but the number one issue, for me, is for an increase in active members."

Hoffman, whom went to school in Hertforshire, intends to break the mold and elitist state of play. Indeed this website has backed another candidate in Sarah-Jane Sewell, whom resides outside of London.

In a candid statement Hoffman states: "In recent days there has been a lot of talk on blogs such as London Spin criticising the central tenants of campaigns like myself and Dominic McDonough’s for wanting to make some radical changes to the way CF works. Apparently our proposals will lead to CF having no future, make it more extreme and lead to embarrassment. This is interesting considering I have been getting a completely different message from those I have spoken to on the campaign trail."

"We need to start engaging in proper, candid and honest debates, and proper discussions when it comes to policy and campaigning. Outside of London I haven’t seen much of this and from what I have heard on the campaign trail, this is what many CF members outside London feel too. Clearly, there’s a London bubble, where debate and events all seem to be going swimmingly."

Hoffman will shake things up and bring true change to Conservative Future.

Vote Stephen Hoffman Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political).

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600