The New Executive.

Chairman Ben Howlett was today voted in by a landslide 54% of votes, for a second term, by Conservative Future members around the UK and the world. His closest rival in the end was Nick Southworth coming second.

Dominic McDonough finished third in a disappointing result for the right-wing of the organisation. Indeed Ben Howlett has seen over an increase in membership that is not innately right-wing, for the purposes of connecting with popular thinking. This is the same course as Cameron. This is the right course for CF and the Tory Party as a whole. This increase doesn't make a landslide victory surprising at all, it is however an unprecedented second term in office for Howlett. Not since the days of Paul Bristow has CF elected a chairman twice. No one can take that away from him.

Dominic is however a fine example of how right-wing Tory politics could be like. His dynamic thinking and bright ideas are still needed in Our Party.

Sarah-Jane Sewell was elected Deputy Chairman (Membership), taking over from super CF'er Clare Hilley. Sarah-Jane has some enormous boots to fill, the task must be daunting for such a young lady yet tBg thinks she could one day be a bright shining star, given the right guidance. As is sometimes not the case.

Philip Smith was elected Deputy Chairman (Political). tBg really did want Hoffman in this role, however Philip Smith possess some spectacular qualities. Confident and intelligent the sky is the limit for this young man.

Full Conservative Future Election '11 results can be found on the top menu of this website.