EXCLUSIVE: McDonough shuns Tories for YBF.

Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough didnt turn up to the Feltham and Heston campaign day. He said he had a local action day to attend when asked to go by current Chairman and 2011 candiate, Ben Howlett.

tBg can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that McDonough didn't do either, but instead made a speech at a YBF event. tBg has recieved a screen shot of a conversation between two CF'ers. CF'er 2 is asked where Dominic and other candidate for CF Chairman, Nick Southworth are with regard to the campaign days.

EXCLUSIVE: The image received shows the text:

CF'er 1: "Great, was Dom and Nick there (Local Action day) as they were no shows here (Feltham Heston)".

CF'er 2: "dom was giving a talk at ybf so he was there, nick don't I know."