EXCLUSIVE: Howlett says McDonough 'lied'.

As CF'ers up and down the country vote for their Chairman for the next year, two of the candidates have locked horns over how much effort they are putting into the Tory campaigns across the country.

Howlett has gone on the attack and says McDonough lied to CF members about his plans for this weekend. Dominic says he is only humnan and got his days mixed up. In a retort EXCLUSIVE to tBg Dominic McDonough rips in to Howlett saying:

" I was on the campaign trail in Sunderland yesterday morning which is why I didn't arrive at YBF till late last night. I did indeed address YBF earlier today and thoroughly enjoyed taking questions from CF'ers attached to the organisation. It's just a shame that Ben (Howlett) didn't bother to turn up when he was in the area and invited.

He (Howlett) might have learned something by talking to people from outside of his inner circle and hearing a fantastic speech from Eric Pickles.

If anyone thought this election was boring, it just got interesting with just hours remaining in the contest.