EXCLUSIVE: Vote Ben Howlett Conservative Future National Chairman.

tBg is today backing Ben Howlett for an unprecedented second term in office. Ben is very capable and has made massive progress over the past year. His ingenuity, determination and confidence speaks volumes about the current CF membership. Fair play to his closest rival, Dominic McDonough, who has performed superbly and will one day make a superb Conservative Future Chairman.

tBg believes Howletts' CF Policy Forum plans are ambitious but spot on. CF's next task is to become regularly active nationally and not just in London. Ben needs to activate the existing membership up and down the country. tBg has backed two candidates in the deputy positions (Stephen Hoffman and Sarah-Jane Sewell) that will enable this step to be taken. Ben Howlett will not shirk this momentous task and actively embrace it, as he would desperately love to have his legacy behold this achievement. Ben clearly has the passion as his mileage clock ticks up, now he looks to the States to build alliances with sister Parties.

Ben also wants a Conservative Group on the NUS. The importance of this, over any CF discount card, to the future of British politics is obviously undeniable. Ben works hard on his feet and in his head.

tBg would like to endorse Ben Howlett for a second term as Conservative Future National Chairman. He has achieved so much and still has the vision for a better, stronger CF. Bens' manifesto can be found on his website.

You can follow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf