EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman responds to anonymous 'cowards'.

CF'er Stephen Hoffman has savaged his anonymous critics in an EXCLUSIVE here at tBg. Hoffman was running for Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (political), when he came under sustained online attacks and smears. Hoffman responds to these election attacks below.

"I didn’t want to get into a slagging match after the election, its undignified and would lower the tone of an election that even I, in heated debates, have tried to keep at a high quality. I had constantly let my feelings known about the election turnout, the London bubble and the problem people have with “Characters” in CF and the constant smearing of my name. I would also like to make it clear that what I am writing has nothing to do with the successful election candidates. I wish all those including who won in the elections the best of luck. I will work with them and anyone else in the Conservative Family to help in my own small way strengthen the Conservative and Libertarian Cause.

Unfortunately I cannot give an entirely positive message, as despite all pleas for restraint, people acting under the name anonymous have made some unacceptable personal attacks. I yield to know one in my support for freedom of speech and of course this means freedom to offend, but to attack someone you’ve never met or pretend to have not heard from or spoken to is a low blow. It is what cowards do. And therefore I feel I need to respond in an open and direct way. After all, I don’t want the lasting impression of me in CF to be given by a couple of people, who are so brave that they won’t even reveal their own names. I’m revealing my name here, so I urge them to do the same. I also thank theBlueGuerrilla for providing me a platform for me to respond, which others could learn from. It wouldn’t surprise if the same anonymous on theBlueGuerrilla is the same anonymous on London Spin claiming to speak for all London Spin readers, yet due to his anonymity is about as hard to discover as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

It is time CF went forward, it cannot go forward with disgusting personal attacks. After all as the old saying goes united we stand divided we fall. This means embracing all those who have something to offer CF and not criticising someone like myself who working with others including strong friends has tried to appeal to as many CF people as possible. This does not make me some stooge of YBF, but to ignore groups like them would be absolutely mad, considering the amount of Conservative Party members work there."