EXCLUSIVE: Hoff in Q&A sessh.

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political) candidate, Stephen Hoffman, Q&A session with tBg.

What is you opinion on current voting scandal rocking CF?

I'm disheartened to hear the rumours about election fraud, which I pray for the sake of CF aren’t true. However, from speaking to people, it does seem some people have received 2 ballots and others none. This has to be sorted out by the returning officer, so we don't see a repeat of last year when there was approximately a 1% turnout.

Why do you think YBF is an organisation worth of being associated with CF?

YBF is a centre-right organisation where people like Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Eric Pickles, as well as people like Douglas Carswell, Steve Baker and Robert Halfon have spoken. Also, it has links with journalists, think tanks, pressure group and public affairs world. Many of our members are YBF supporters and as they are part of the Conservative Family, I believe we should work with them, rather than seeing them as enemies.

How would you describe elitism as its exists in it current form in CF and society as a whole.

I would describe it in CF as just trusting someone, because they are in a position of power. However, you can have all the titles you want, if members haven't seen you or feel your only there for photo-ops, then your not speaking on behalf of the people you were elected by. This isn't so much a problem in London, but is certainly a problem outside London. It relates to ignoring advice when it comes to campaign tactics, policies and events, and I would seek to stop this and believe my campaign where I have gone across the country shows I would be capable of this. As a whole, I believe it is trusting experts in particular the managerial classes in both the private and public sectors, because they are "so called experts" in their field. However, as the last Trade Union strikes indicated, Trade Union Barons were out of touch with their own members at the public at large.

Do you believe in tax cuts now?

Yes, I believe in tax cuts for everyone. When Reagan and Thatcher did this in the 1980s, it led to sustained economic growth and all sections of society got richer. This has to go hand in hand with significant reductions in public sector spending, so we can see a smaller state. This will be good for both practical and ideological reasons as Martin Durkan's illuminating film on the debt crisis highlighted.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600