EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman responds to anonymous 'cowards'.

CF'er Stephen Hoffman has savaged his anonymous critics in an EXCLUSIVE here at tBg. Hoffman was running for Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (political), when he came under sustained online attacks and smears. Hoffman responds to these election attacks below.

"I didn’t want to get into a slagging match after the election, its undignified and would lower the tone of an election that even I, in heated debates, have tried to keep at a high quality. I had constantly let my feelings known about the election turnout, the London bubble and the problem people have with “Characters” in CF and the constant smearing of my name. I would also like to make it clear that what I am writing has nothing to do with the successful election candidates. I wish all those including who won in the elections the best of luck. I will work with them and anyone else in the Conservative Family to help in my own small way strengthen the Conservative and Libertarian Cause.

Unfortunately I cannot give an entirely positive message, as despite all pleas for restraint, people acting under the name anonymous have made some unacceptable personal attacks. I yield to know one in my support for freedom of speech and of course this means freedom to offend, but to attack someone you’ve never met or pretend to have not heard from or spoken to is a low blow. It is what cowards do. And therefore I feel I need to respond in an open and direct way. After all, I don’t want the lasting impression of me in CF to be given by a couple of people, who are so brave that they won’t even reveal their own names. I’m revealing my name here, so I urge them to do the same. I also thank theBlueGuerrilla for providing me a platform for me to respond, which others could learn from. It wouldn’t surprise if the same anonymous on theBlueGuerrilla is the same anonymous on London Spin claiming to speak for all London Spin readers, yet due to his anonymity is about as hard to discover as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

It is time CF went forward, it cannot go forward with disgusting personal attacks. After all as the old saying goes united we stand divided we fall. This means embracing all those who have something to offer CF and not criticising someone like myself who working with others including strong friends has tried to appeal to as many CF people as possible. This does not make me some stooge of YBF, but to ignore groups like them would be absolutely mad, considering the amount of Conservative Party members work there."

UK still key partner in EU as Cameron rating is up.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the Bundestag that the U.K is still play a key role in the EU saying: "I believe it's (Britain) an important partner in the European Union. Great Britain has its own vital interest that the eurozone will overcome its own financial crisis".

Last week David Cameron vetoed a new EU treaty which would create a European fiscal union. More money goes through the City of London on a daily basis than any other city in the world. It is right that a British Prime Minister protects this from financial rape by the EU.

A YouGov survey today put Cameron's Conservatives in 41&, with the Labour Party opposition lagging on 39%. Some may expect a wider lead with such positive coverage for this Prime Minister this past week. We will wait for more polls.

Latest YouGov/Sun results 13th Dec

Howlett under attack over election turnout.

Ben Howlett has come under bombardment today over the Conservative Future Election turnout of just 3%.

Ben Howlett yesterday claimed a landslide victory with 54% of the vote. This blog yesterday reported that this victory is not so surprising as most voters would have been recently active(ated), thus recruited by Howlett. His kinda Tory.

This blog has also consistently campaigned for a national focus to get the other nineteen thousand members, that did not vote, active. Indeed people like former Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, need to find the other 19,500 members in the UK.

Politics Editor of the Commentator and Tory Bear Editor and former CF'er, Harry Cole, had another swipe at Howlett with this tweet.

Howlett responds with measure.

Pic source; gossiptory.

The New Executive.

Chairman Ben Howlett was today voted in by a landslide 54% of votes, for a second term, by Conservative Future members around the UK and the world. His closest rival in the end was Nick Southworth coming second.

Dominic McDonough finished third in a disappointing result for the right-wing of the organisation. Indeed Ben Howlett has seen over an increase in membership that is not innately right-wing, for the purposes of connecting with popular thinking. This is the same course as Cameron. This is the right course for CF and the Tory Party as a whole. This increase doesn't make a landslide victory surprising at all, it is however an unprecedented second term in office for Howlett. Not since the days of Paul Bristow has CF elected a chairman twice. No one can take that away from him.

Dominic is however a fine example of how right-wing Tory politics could be like. His dynamic thinking and bright ideas are still needed in Our Party.

Sarah-Jane Sewell was elected Deputy Chairman (Membership), taking over from super CF'er Clare Hilley. Sarah-Jane has some enormous boots to fill, the task must be daunting for such a young lady yet tBg thinks she could one day be a bright shining star, given the right guidance. As is sometimes not the case.

Philip Smith was elected Deputy Chairman (Political). tBg really did want Hoffman in this role, however Philip Smith possess some spectacular qualities. Confident and intelligent the sky is the limit for this young man.

Full Conservative Future Election '11 results can be found on the top menu of this website.

EXCLUSIVE: Howlett says McDonough 'lied'.

As CF'ers up and down the country vote for their Chairman for the next year, two of the candidates have locked horns over how much effort they are putting into the Tory campaigns across the country.

Howlett has gone on the attack and says McDonough lied to CF members about his plans for this weekend. Dominic says he is only humnan and got his days mixed up. In a retort EXCLUSIVE to tBg Dominic McDonough rips in to Howlett saying:

" I was on the campaign trail in Sunderland yesterday morning which is why I didn't arrive at YBF till late last night. I did indeed address YBF earlier today and thoroughly enjoyed taking questions from CF'ers attached to the organisation. It's just a shame that Ben (Howlett) didn't bother to turn up when he was in the area and invited.

He (Howlett) might have learned something by talking to people from outside of his inner circle and hearing a fantastic speech from Eric Pickles.

If anyone thought this election was boring, it just got interesting with just hours remaining in the contest.

EXCLUSIVE: McDonough shuns Tories for YBF.

Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough didnt turn up to the Feltham and Heston campaign day. He said he had a local action day to attend when asked to go by current Chairman and 2011 candiate, Ben Howlett.

tBg can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that McDonough didn't do either, but instead made a speech at a YBF event. tBg has recieved a screen shot of a conversation between two CF'ers. CF'er 2 is asked where Dominic and other candidate for CF Chairman, Nick Southworth are with regard to the campaign days.

EXCLUSIVE: The image received shows the text:

CF'er 1: "Great, was Dom and Nick there (Local Action day) as they were no shows here (Feltham Heston)".

CF'er 2: "dom was giving a talk at ybf so he was there, nick don't I know."

Howlett outshines PPCs in by-election.

Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, today out-shined prospective Tory parliamentary candidates just by showing up to a Feltham and Heston campaign day.

Howlett, who is known for his hands on approach, spent the day working hard for the Party. It is thought CCHQ are considering reprimands for those PPCs' on the approved list that didn't turn up, some may be struck off.

You can follow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf

Hoff to tackle CCHQ elite.

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political) candidate, Stephen Hoffman, says he is ready to face down CF elitism in a statement on his website. Hoffman thinks CF is successful in London regarding events, but this is not replicated across the rest of the country.

Hoffman says: "The problem is that this experience (social events, debates etc) hasn’t been repeated across the country. On the campaign trail I’ve spoken to many CF members and they’ve all had similar stories. We’ve held great events, despite the barriers put in our way by CF elites, or we have had some fantastic plans vetoed by Local Associations who are scared of offending the Party leadership."

In a statement to top blog, gossiptory, Hoffman said: "I think it is time that CF was made fun for everyone, not just those in London. I was lucky to live near London last year and attended fantastic events where the drinks were flowing and the debate extremely free, despite those at the elites in CCHQ trying to shut the debate down. I want to spread this experience across the country and work with NGOs, Charities, Think Tanks and Celebrities so this can be made possible."

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600

Cameron uses EU veto.

Prime Minister David Cameron today stood up for the interests of Britain in Europe. It's been a while since any Government has dared cause a stir in the EU, finally we have a Prime Minister unwilling to sell us down the river, anymore than we already have been.

The Prime Minister vetoed a new treaty that would create a greater fiscal union, with the EU setting the budget rules. It is thought that all 26 other members of the European Union will instead agree to a new "accord" setting out the tougher budget rules.

This is nothing short of the set up of an actual European Super-State. Not to mention Cameron really doesn't want any referendums on the EU right now that might implode the Tory Party.

Oh, and Miliband can nibble on tBg's teets.

The Hoff launches new poster campaign.

Einy Shah and Turrell back Southworth for National Chairman.

In a sensational twist of events Deputy Chair' for London, Einy Shah (above) and Regional Chairman of East Midlands CF and Conservative Way Forward Regional Co-ordinator for the Eastern Region, Thomas Turrell, have backed Nick Southworth for Conservative Future National Chairman.

tBg can exclusively reveal these two top endorsements for Southworth:

Einy Shah

"There is no better person to lead CF than Nick Southworth - he cares deeply about the grass roots across the UK"

Einy Shah
Deputy Chairman Political, London CF

Thomas Turrell

"Nick offers the best way forward for CF, he has a clear direction in which he wants to take our organisation into a modern era. Nick realises the concerns and problems faced by Regions, Areas and Branches both inside London and Outside. Nick also has a clear plan to get members involved and engaged across the country! With this is in mind I pledge my full support and endorsement behind Nick Southworth!"

Thomas Turrell
Regional Chairman of East Midlands CF and Conservative Way Forward Regional Co-ordinator for the Eastern Region

It is rumoured that Einy Shah may be planning a Chairmanship bid next year.

You can follow Nick on Twitter; @Nic_Southworth

Howlett says ballots on way.

CF Chairman and 2011 candidate, Ben Howlett, has today proclaimed that the backlog of ballots are on their way to CF members up and down the country, after exclusive reports on this blog of members not receiving one. And exclusive reports on non-members receiving a ballot.

You can foillow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf

Hayes backs Sewell.

John Hayes MP has thrown his weight behind CF Deputy Chair' (Membership) candidate Sarah-Jane Sewell. In a letter to Sarah-Jane, the Minister for Further Education expressed his delight to hear she was standing for the position.

You can follow Sarah-Jane on Twitter; @sarahjanesewell

Boris puts EU pressure on Cameron.

It has been reported that Boris Johnson has made this statement on the new EU Treaty situation that's engulfing Prime Minister Cameron and the Government.

"If there is a new treaty at 27, if there is a new EU treaty that creates a kind of fiscal union within the eurozone, then we would have absolutely no choice either to veto it or to put it to a referendum."

"If they set up an economic government of Europe that involves very substantial fiscal transfers to poorer regions of the EU, that involved budgetary control over national economies in the way that is being proposed, if they try do go down that route towards a fiscal union, then certainly I think that should be something ... frankly, it's the wrong way to go and I think we should be opposing it."

Back Boris 2012.

Cooper in xxx-rated outburst.

Candidate for CF Deputy Chairman (Political), Oliver Cooper, has been caught up in a TRIPLE x-rated outburst about Nick Clegg. The tweet posted on popular blog, gossiptory, reveals that "leading CF’er, Oliver Cooper, expressed his view of Nick Clegg by saying 'what’s Nick Clegg there for aside to fuck a pig?'".

You can follow Oliver on Twitter; @OliverCooper

EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman to attend YBF gig as he hits back at critics.

Candidate for Deputy Chairman (Political), Stephen Hoffman, has hit back at claims seemingly suggesting he is shunning his opponent Phllip Smiths "luxury bash" to attend a YBF event. One CF'er told the CF newssite of the season, London Spin, that this was; "Another cf event where the huff and his pals are off to a ybf event instead. speaks volumes about how much they value cf".

In a statement to tBg Hoffman claims he is up for an award that night and it would be "bad form" not to attend. The Hoff also says "Having spoken to those who have recently joined CF, one of the reasons in the past they were put off, was a perception rightly or wrongly that CF was just there for rich people".

In a full statement which Hoffman stresses is not a personal attack, exclusively to tBg, The Hoff sees of his critics:

"I'm attending YBF, because I am up for the Eric Forth activism award and also because I believe YBF is an organisation squarely in the Conservative and Libertarian Family, which we should work closely with. I know many CFers who will be attending the receptions, speakers and events put on by YBF including the only official election hustings. Once again, some seem to want to spend more time slagging off YBF then attending their events and finding out for themselves. All from a Conservative and Libertarian viewpoints are welcome after all.

Additionally the events are on the same day and I had agreed much earlier and paid to go to YBF. It would be truly bad form if I pulled out now. Do you want someone who changes his affairs at a whim and leaves friends and organisations in the lurch at the last minute, I don't think so.

I wish Phillip all the success for his event, but I do worry that at a time when people are hurting, a lavish reception may send out the wrong message. I'm sure that is not what Phillip is trying to do, but it's just the impression that could be given. Having spoken to those who have recently joined CF, one of the reasons in the past they were put off, was a perception rightly or wrongly that CF was just there for rich people. This is why I have gone across the country and visited many people from different political persuasions inside the Conservative Party in recent weeks. I look forward to seeing Phillip possibly in Feltham and Heston on Sunday."

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600

FEATURED: Vote Sarah-Jane Sewell CF Deputy Chair' (Membership).

tBg is backing Sarah-Jane Sewell for Conservative Future Deputy Chair' (Membership). She is a driven, bright rising star and is the first elected Chair' of the South Holland and Deepings Conservative Future branch in the East Midlands. Sarah-Jane is the founder of the highly successful constituency branch which were highlighted and praised on stage at Party conference this year.

tBg spoke with Sarah and she had this to say: "It is our duty collectively, as every single member of Conservative Future, to once again engage young people in party politics. By setting ambitions aside and pulling together as a team, all of us can bring Conservative Future in the UK, into the Future. We are the future, and we are all in this together."

Following the East Midlands Region AGM in October 2011, the Chairman offered Sarah-Jane the position of Vice-chairman for Social Action, which she was delighted to accept.

In July, Sarah-Jane along with her branch organised a highly successful social action project called "The Big Tidy Up". Over the next year, she aims for this project to continue throughout her constituency and indeed the region. She and her Deputy are also planning a Duke of Edinburgh award style expedition around Rutland Water, in aid of Sue Ryder Care and Macmillan Cancer.

Sarah has announced her FIVE top policies to tBg, here they are:

1. I aim to have the national executive reach out to all areas of the UK, no matter how rural or urban, each and every member counts. Conservative Future should not be solely centred in London, for everyone to benefit, the national executive should be more mobile.

2. Membership could be doubled within the next year, which includes supporting failing Branches and creating new branches in constituencies where there is currently nothing. We should aim to recruit new members and also aim to welcome back members who have perhaps defected or chosen not to renew their membership.

3. We must continue to reengage young people in politics, breaking the stereotype whilst encouraging traditional conservative moral beliefs.

4. I aim to encourage other young individuals to achieve their full potential and see that the sky has no limits. With hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and passion, self-determination and collective responsibility, young people both inside and outside of the party can put their country first to achieve freedom and democracy, the Conservative way.

5. Encouragement of teamwork, between Branches, between Areas and Between regions as well as vertically is imperative. We are all the Future, and the future is bright, but we must pull together in a mature manner to support each other within Conservative Future, and within the Conservative Party as a whole. Through Social-action projects, and actively bringing together young people formally and informally into conservative politics, a successful year, and indeed future lays ahead.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter; @sarahjanesewell

Smith to hold 'luxury bash' as economy sinks.

Candidate for Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political), Phillip Smith, is to hold a "luxury" Christmas "bash" according to SUPER blog London Spin, as many Brits are choosing between their children's presents, or heating this Christmas.

In a lavish event not intended to give off a public image of understanding or compassion, Smith wants to woo voters with the classy event supposedly taking place in an upmarket bar. "(It) will include mince pies laced with brandy and small glasses of sherry", said top newssite London Spin.

tBg has learned that the luxury bash will move on to attend a Ball for the after party.

Hoff wants to hear from you.

Candidate for the position of Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political), Stephen Hoffman, has today released a survey for CF members. Hoffman says he really wants to hear about what matters to CF members.

The Hoff told tBg: "My whole campaign is about hearing from everyone within the Conservative Family and this final survey seeks to provide a vehicle to make this possible."

You can take the survey here.

Stephens latest video can be found here.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600

Elliot wants Morton as South East CF boss.

tBg has received a plea from Chairman of Wiltshire Conservative Future, Toby Elliot, for CF members in the South East. Elliot wants members to vote James Morton to become the new South East Chairman. In a heartfelt statement Toby Elliot said: "I am writing this urge members of South East CF to back James Morton for South East Regional Chairman.

I cannot think of anyone who has done more to increase the perception and professionalism of Conservative Future in the last few years. You may not always notice James as he is not the man showboating at the front, but the man that normally does all the leg work behind the scenes - be it securing funding and sponsorship for CF events and campaigning to putting on the largest ball since Conservative Future was formed; raising funds for associations and Help for Heroes.

James is respected by MPs, association officers and members of CF alike for his dedication, work ethic and pride he takes in everything he does. He turned Exeter CF into the largest branch in the country; Devon CF into a well-oiled campaigning machine; South West CF from a small, university centric organisation into a fully self-funded region with the most members, branches and events than anywhere else in the country.

To list all of James' achievements would take me too long, but to put it simply: now is not the time for a novice. The members of the South East have a choice - they can choose someone who talks about all the right things but will deliver on nothing OR they can choose experience, choose someone who is unassuming, choose someone who will deliver every time, choose James Morton for South East Regional Chairman."

EXCLUSIVE: Vote Ben Howlett Conservative Future National Chairman.

tBg is today backing Ben Howlett for an unprecedented second term in office. Ben is very capable and has made massive progress over the past year. His ingenuity, determination and confidence speaks volumes about the current CF membership. Fair play to his closest rival, Dominic McDonough, who has performed superbly and will one day make a superb Conservative Future Chairman.

tBg believes Howletts' CF Policy Forum plans are ambitious but spot on. CF's next task is to become regularly active nationally and not just in London. Ben needs to activate the existing membership up and down the country. tBg has backed two candidates in the deputy positions (Stephen Hoffman and Sarah-Jane Sewell) that will enable this step to be taken. Ben Howlett will not shirk this momentous task and actively embrace it, as he would desperately love to have his legacy behold this achievement. Ben clearly has the passion as his mileage clock ticks up, now he looks to the States to build alliances with sister Parties.

Ben also wants a Conservative Group on the NUS. The importance of this, over any CF discount card, to the future of British politics is obviously undeniable. Ben works hard on his feet and in his head.

tBg would like to endorse Ben Howlett for a second term as Conservative Future National Chairman. He has achieved so much and still has the vision for a better, stronger CF. Bens' manifesto can be found on his website.

You can follow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf

EXCLUSIVE: Hoff in Q&A sessh.

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political) candidate, Stephen Hoffman, Q&A session with tBg.

What is you opinion on current voting scandal rocking CF?

I'm disheartened to hear the rumours about election fraud, which I pray for the sake of CF aren’t true. However, from speaking to people, it does seem some people have received 2 ballots and others none. This has to be sorted out by the returning officer, so we don't see a repeat of last year when there was approximately a 1% turnout.

Why do you think YBF is an organisation worth of being associated with CF?

YBF is a centre-right organisation where people like Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Eric Pickles, as well as people like Douglas Carswell, Steve Baker and Robert Halfon have spoken. Also, it has links with journalists, think tanks, pressure group and public affairs world. Many of our members are YBF supporters and as they are part of the Conservative Family, I believe we should work with them, rather than seeing them as enemies.

How would you describe elitism as its exists in it current form in CF and society as a whole.

I would describe it in CF as just trusting someone, because they are in a position of power. However, you can have all the titles you want, if members haven't seen you or feel your only there for photo-ops, then your not speaking on behalf of the people you were elected by. This isn't so much a problem in London, but is certainly a problem outside London. It relates to ignoring advice when it comes to campaign tactics, policies and events, and I would seek to stop this and believe my campaign where I have gone across the country shows I would be capable of this. As a whole, I believe it is trusting experts in particular the managerial classes in both the private and public sectors, because they are "so called experts" in their field. However, as the last Trade Union strikes indicated, Trade Union Barons were out of touch with their own members at the public at large.

Do you believe in tax cuts now?

Yes, I believe in tax cuts for everyone. When Reagan and Thatcher did this in the 1980s, it led to sustained economic growth and all sections of society got richer. This has to go hand in hand with significant reductions in public sector spending, so we can see a smaller state. This will be good for both practical and ideological reasons as Martin Durkan's illuminating film on the debt crisis highlighted.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600

Election meltdown.

As the Conservative Future Christmas party is in full swing, its election is too. However, some members have not got a ballot, some have reportedly received two (2) ballots. Members of other parties have also received ballot papers.

McDonough to investigate double vote scandal.

Double vote scandal rocks CF election.

tBg is tonight hearing rumours that suggest that some CF members have received more than one e-ballot paper. CCHQ have declined to comment.

UPDATE: 23:20

UPDATE: 23:28

Sewell pledges National Social Action days.

CF Deputy Chair' (Membership) candidate Sarah-Jane Sewell has today pledged to run National Social Action days. Sarah-Jane believes Conservative Future can help change the "hooligan" image that young people have assumed and deliver a positive attitude to their communities.

Sarah says: "I intend to organise national social action days, whether this is something that we take part in at once place at one time, or all do the same thing in our own communities on the same day at the same time. Let’s take a stand together on this one. Social action is the future. It’s a bright hope for everyone."

Sarah-Jane has already made plans at her own CF branch. Sarah states that, "In March the Branch is organising a sponsored hike, inspired by many a Duke of Edinburgh award expedition of some of the members. Money raised will be split 50/50 and donated to Macmillan Cancer, and Sue Ryder Care."

It is clear Sarah-Jane is a vibrant candidate, bursting with energy. tBg predicts a landslide. Sarahs' full statement can be seen here.

You can follow Sarah-Jane on Twitter; @sarahjanesewell.

Vote Stephen Hoffman Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (political).

tBg is backing Stephen Hoffman to become the next Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political).

tBg has been impressed with Stephens passion and ideals for not only a better CF, but a better world. His website is a fabulous piece of artistry. Hoffman has stated clearly that he believes CF to be far too London-centric. In his campaign video he reels off city after city that do not have such events that go on in London.

Today gossiptory spoke about how membership means nothing if it is not active. Stephen, a Leeds University student, knows that this is indeed much the case up and down the country. The highly cultural website states, "There’s no doubt about it, membership is important. However candidates should come up with ideas and ways to engage these 15,000 so-called members and get them out on the street knocking on doors or at the bar at a CF social.

It’s all well and good increasing paid membership (the money will do us good) but the number one issue, for me, is for an increase in active members."

Hoffman, whom went to school in Hertforshire, intends to break the mold and elitist state of play. Indeed this website has backed another candidate in Sarah-Jane Sewell, whom resides outside of London.

In a candid statement Hoffman states: "In recent days there has been a lot of talk on blogs such as London Spin criticising the central tenants of campaigns like myself and Dominic McDonough’s for wanting to make some radical changes to the way CF works. Apparently our proposals will lead to CF having no future, make it more extreme and lead to embarrassment. This is interesting considering I have been getting a completely different message from those I have spoken to on the campaign trail."

"We need to start engaging in proper, candid and honest debates, and proper discussions when it comes to policy and campaigning. Outside of London I haven’t seen much of this and from what I have heard on the campaign trail, this is what many CF members outside London feel too. Clearly, there’s a London bubble, where debate and events all seem to be going swimmingly."

Hoffman will shake things up and bring true change to Conservative Future.

Vote Stephen Hoffman Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political).

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600

Howlett wants Policy Forum board as London Spin back him for a second term.

Tory Youth Chairman, Ben Howlett, has announced he wants to expand the CF Policy Forum to give it greater influence over Tory Party policy over the next parliament. Ultimately looking to influence the 2015 manifesto. Ben said on London Spin "I will be extending the CF Policy Forum to channel the need to improve debate within the party. It will represent members' views within the Party, produce policy studies on issues that matter most to young people"

Ben wants the CF Policy Forum to have more autonomy and be an external voice influencing Tory policy for CF, rather than the CF Exec' itself. Though, Ben states to tBg that the Exec' will interview people for positions available on the CF Policy Forum board.

tBg asked Ben how he intends to make a CF Policy Forum autonomous from the Conservative Future Executive. Ben said: "We will carry out standard applications to all members and advertised as if a private company were looking for a Director and Board. They will be elected upon once shortlisted by the Regional Chairman and National Executive to ensure its national accountability to all regions.

This year because of its significance the National Executive will interview them as well to ensure this is a very professional organisation. It will ensure its autonomous nature to the National Executive so that it can effectively influence the Party's next manifesto and current policy.

We want to make sure this organisation is as effective as the Bow Group of old with a reinvigorated new style"

Shortly after this announcement eye widening newssite, London Spin, backed Howlett for a second term in office. In an editorial the newssite said: "One only has to look at the abuse and smears Howlett has received from CF’s enemies to see that he is a Chairman with a backbone who is getting things done. A weaker leader would have rolled over, but Ben stuck to his guns and carried on making CF great again.

For the first time in many years Conservative Future looks and feels like a professional organisation with a truly national membership base. We are an agile and exciting vehicle for young political hopefuls to get involved and fulfill their political dreams.

With so much at stake, we cannot allow our organisation to fall into the hands of those individuals itching to hit the rewind button and drag Conservative Future back into the sewers of obscurity."

The Spin also cites events with Cabinet level MP's and Bens' dedication to street campaigning come rain or shine.

You can follow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf