Top activist Shane Moore and the North East.

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Moore, the current Hartlepool CF Chairman and is standing as a candidate, for the position of North East Regional Chairman, in the coming Conservative Future election.

Shane is a well know political figure in Hartlepool and is considered ferocious by his opponents. Shane's achievements include:

- Formed Hartlepool Conservative Future

- Launched a campaign which is on course to call for a referendum on the position of the directly-elected Mayor of Hartlepool next year

-Shane has been selected to fight the most winnable marginal seats in the 2012 local elections.

tBg met with Shane in a Hartlepool boozer as tBg had never heard of him before and was very intrigued. Shane was born into a working-class, Labour-supporting family in the North East. Shane first dipped his toe into the world of politics during the 2010 General Election helping Conservative candidate James Wharton snatch Stockton South from Labour dinosaur, Dari Taylor - and he did.

Shane told tBg: "I have a very driven aim to change the 'I vote Labour because my Dad does' mentality in the North East which, let’s face it, is going to be no easy task."

"However, I firmly believe that Conservative Future is the perfect tool for this job and we should take the leading role in pulling down Labour’s North Eastern fortress brick, by brick."

Supporting his campaign is Co-Chairman of South Tees Conservative Future, Cameron Brown, who knows too well Labour’s domination in the North East, especially in the town of Middlesbrough.

Brown: "The current problem with Conservative Future in the North East is that it’s too centralised around Newcastle and Durham."

"Shane brings to the table a new perspective from Teesside."

If elected, Shane told tBg he wants the North East CF branches to campaign on the following issues:

1. University fees – Getting the facts across to prospective students.

2. Cleaning up politics – Keeping a watchful eye on our town halls and being the voice of honesty.

3. Buy local – Helping to support local small businesses and our high streets through a Buy Local campaign.

4. Local health projects – Supporting the government’s plans to shift focus onto early intervention and preventative measures by working with local NHS on awareness campaigns.

5. The Big Society – CF should be taking a leading role in showing what can be done.

Finally Shane added: "I would like to think that I am a hard working and straight talking kind of guy who would rather be out campaigning in the rain making sure our message is heard than sat in the warm talking it (that can be done afterwards in the pub)".

You can follow Shane on Twitter; @smooreuk