Shapland in CF racism taunt.

Former Liberal Youth Chairman, Martin Shapland, has accused Conservative Future candidates of being in a state of radio silence about their organisations' behaviour.

In an 'Open Letter to Conservative Future Candidates' on his blog, Shapland attacks CF candidates for not speaking out against burning of effigy's and "toasting racial apartheid".

Shapland states: "I used to run your rivals in the Lib Dems. If I had been in post and one of our branches had toasted racism and burnt our ally on a bonfire I would have suspended the branch and referred the matter for immediate disciplinary action".

The former Liberal Youth Chairman sensationally goes on to say: "Racism of this nature – and the vilification of Nelson Mandela, is the reason Norman Tebbit – that well know bastion of Liberalism – shut your forerunners down in the 80′s.

Your silence in this matter speaks volumes."

tBg wonders if any candidate will pick up the baton on this one.

You can follow Martin Shapland on Twitter; @MShapland