Howletts' before and after.

Ben Howletts success as Conservative Future Chairman can not be denied. Indeed he has seen over a huge rise in membership, social events and a greater organisation of CF. He now wants a second term.

Howlett released his Manifesto this week, it includes achievements and aims for the future such as creating a Conservative Group on the NUS. tBg thinks this is a key policy of Ben's Conservative influence on the NUS is vital if it is to stop being the leftist, mockery of student thought and violence mongering organisation it currently is.

The question is still, can Ben be defeated after a year of improvements. Bens' aims for the future are pretty vague and tBg would like him to expand on one or two things - the re-structure of the National Exec' and how he can "Empower more members across the UK and making CF more fun". LOL?

You can follow Ben on Twitter; @benhowlettcf