The Howlett/Howard ticket.

Conservative Future elections are clouded in controversy tonight as Chairman Ben Howlett has been accused of vetting candidates that are set to stand.

tBg can reveal Howlett met with new Deputy Conservative Future Chair' candidate, Ellie Howard, just days before her announcement today to stand for Deputy CF Chair' (Membership) and OK'd her for the candidacy role.

In unquestionably factual emails received in tBg's inbox, Howlett has commented: "...(We) have a very exciting new name to introduce soon as DC Membership. She's very good, I('m) very impressed, pretty, intelligent, not been to uni, entrepreneurial."

It led to one CF'er asking if there was going to be a real choice in this election, "Who will step up and be the anti-Howlett candidate and tackle the status quo?".

You can follow Ellie Howard on Twitter; @e__howard