Hoffman detests the EU.

In an exclusive interview with tBg, Tory Youth candidate for Deputy Chairman (Political), Stephen Hoffman, says that; "in the last couple of days I've ratcheted up my campaign a couple of notches. Today I did this through engaging in a debate that is on everyone's lips- the EU."

In an honestly blunt statement on his website, Stephen says: "I too wish I didn’t have to go on about Europe all the time, but whether its trade, international aid, the welfare state, pensions, regulations, the cost of living, immigration or small business, the EU’s grubby hands can be seen everywhere. It’s also important to note that the EU and Europe are not the same. I love Europe I just detest the EU and all it stands for."

The Hoff told tBg that; "To all those like me who are feeling a bit blue to the winter warmer, I want to make you smile with a vibrant blog and some music that will make you feel right at home." Here it is!

You can follow Stephen on Twitter; @thehoff600.