The Hoff in London.

Deputy Chairman (Political) candidate Stephen Hoffmans' campaign stepped up a notch today, with a visit to Hertfordshire and London. Stephen will be holding informal drinks and debates across Hertfordshire and London tomorrow as well as attending "Tory Boy" the movie.

Today in an interview with tBg Hoffman said: "It's all about reaching out to those from across the Conservative Party who have felt ignored in the past. Its time that we talked about real reform of Conservative Future then tinkering around the edges, which will get us and more importantly our members precisely nowhere."

"I will be going across the country the next few weeks to speak to as many people as possible and will be visiting Yorkshire and the North East this week and will be attempting to visit Wales next week. Whilst I won't be able to visit everywhere, rest assured if elected I will work tirelessly for everyone's interests and not my personal ego".

If you have any questions or would like to hold informal hustings with Stephen Hoffman, or just want to meet over a discussion and a pint, you can contact him on stephen.hoffman@hotmail.co.uk

You can follow Stephen on; Twitter.