Don Dom.

Conservative Future Chairman Candidate, Dominic McDonough, has announced that he will be kicking off his tour of CF branches in Leeds on Friday. He says he is keen to meet as many members as possible to speak to them about their concerns, their ideas and to receive their questions.

Dominic told tBg "My campaign is all about listening to CF as a whole and seeing what we can do for our members. They are our greatest resource. I feel that ordinary members such as myself have been ignored over the last year in favour of blindly towing the CCHQ line. This has to change.

I’m sorry I can’t visit more branches than I am going to but I do intend to call as many branches as possible and I hope every member is aware that I am just a call/email away if they have any questions, suggestions or just want a good chat.

I’m aware that Ben is off around the country and good luck to him, but I would say that he didn’t listen to members last time he went around the country, why will now be any different?

If you want real change and a Chairman who stands up for you then I’m your man"

Dominic has to see off the incumbent, Ben Howlett, if he wants the top job. Rumours are circulating that Dominic has received an endorsement from a left wing personality outside of CF.