Dom's CF rewards.

tBg can reveal that Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, is currently in negotiations with a number of national retailers and leisure companies. Through these negotiations he is hoping to deliver savings on goods and services for all CF members.

This is part of Dominic’s manifesto as he believes it will be a key area to gain and retain members from all backgrounds & areas.

Dominic spoke with tBg and had this to say: "This could be something special for CF. We see the NUS with money off deals, why not CF? We have a massive membership that is attractive to businesses across the country. Why not exploit that strength to give the members something back? This is just a small part of my plan to make CF more attractive as well as giving young people a real incentive to join the party. This really could reward them for the loyalty and the hard work they do."

You can follow Dominic on Twitter; @torydom